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‘Dirty John’ Is Going To Be Turned Into A TV Series

By Jessica Best
27th Mar 2018

Pay attention people, the podcast donned the ‘new Serial’ is being turned into a visual escapade of glorious true crime and we’ll just let that sit for a moment.

Because oh my bloody god.

The stunning and insanely talented Connie Britton will topline the TV anthology series based on the gripping poddy (by the LA Times and Wondery) you should have already binged through. If you haven’t, the podcast is basically wrapped in a whole heap of bizarre love and deceit and tales a man with a history of relationships so abusive and just plain ugh he gets the aptly nickname of… ‘Dirty John’.

Rumour has it that Briton will play Debra Newell, the interior designer abused and manipulated by old mate DJ and that’s a majorrrr win for anyone who has already binged the podcast eight times over (pft not us).

For all the Dirty John fanatics out there, you’ll be happy to know that the TV series has landed at Bravo for two whole seasons with the second bout following a completely different story #thesuspense.

The release date is yet to be announced so stay tuned for all the extra deets.

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Image credit: Friday Night Lights

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