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Celebrate Pride Month With 26 LGBTQIA+ Docos Streaming For Free Right Now

By Rick Stephens
3rd Jun 2020

June is Pride month, and Australia’s documentary-centric streaming service, DocPlay, is celebrating with a program that celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community in a full spectrum of colour. 

The program has just been announced and released in full, with a delicate biography of actor and LGBTQ+ activist Sir Ian McKellen, aptly titled McKellen: Playing The Part.

On local shores, DocPlay is also featuring Queen Of The Desert, which looks into the career of Australian youth worker known as Starlady. Covered in glitter, plenty of pink, Queen of the Desert follows Starlady into the remote communities of Central Australia, where she uses hairdressing as a means to engage with aboriginal youth.

Acclaimed director of the heartwarming Life Animated, Roger Ross WIlliams, also makes an appearance with God Loves Uganda. In God Loves Uganda, Williams departs from the warm and fuzzies found in his previous work to tell the harrowing—yet necessary—story of the American Evangelical movement behind Uganda’s biblical law, which proposes the death penalty for homosexuality.

You’ll also find Two Mum and a Dad on the bill, a fly-on-the-wall documenting the lives of a lesbian couple who look to raise a baby with their male sperm donor as an active father. 

DocPlay will also be presenting Walking on Water over on iTunes, a timely release peering into the eccentricities and life of the late visionary artist, Christo. 

In total, you can find 26 titles within the program that champions the diversity, love and unity found within the LGBTQIA+ community across the globe. A subscription will cost you $6.95 a month for access to these films and hundreds more, though you can start with a free trial if you’re an advocate of the ‘try before you buy’ model.

Once you’re done here, check out the new streaming service full of HBO titles.

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