Domino’s Is Now Serving Vegan Cheese

By Ange Law
9th Jan 2018


If there’s one thing vegans know a thing or two about, it’s realising you’re three minutes away from being hangry AF because your mates have decided to order pizza. Well, not anymore team, Domino’s have added vegan cheese to their menu and on behalf of these guys—you’re welcome. 

Domino’s ran a survey on their Facebook page late last year and the people (you guys) said they wanted vegan cheese. Fast forward to 2018 and it’s now become a delicious reality #peoplepower.  Their sauces and bases are already vegan friendly so you can just swap out the cheese for an easy win, plus they’ve upped their game even further with a couple of limited edition specials—vegan avocado veg, vegan spicy trio and even a vegan margherita. 

FYI, their garlic bread is also vegan friendly and you better believe we’ll be adding the vegan cheese to this bad boy too (if they’ll let us) because cheesy garlic bread is bae.  

For now, they're saying the vegan cheese will only be available for a limited time but if we prove that we need this in our lives, they'll keep it on the menu. For more deets, head here

Here are all the annoying questions you'll be asked daily if you go vegan. 

Image credit: Domino's

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