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Give Dad The Gift Of Good Sleep, This Eco-Friendly Weighted Blanket Is 20% Off Right Now

By Ranyhyn Laine
20th Aug 2020

With Father's Day under two weeks away, you might be deep into your annual 'wonder what to buy dad?' period—or you might have forgotten about it entirely. Either way, we're about to solve all your problems and tell you about the buttery-soft organic bamboo sheets, ergonomic pillows and weighted blanket from Ecosa that are 20% off right now—just in time to buy a set for dad for Father's Day. 

If your dad regularly complains about having trouble sleeping, it's time to introduce him to the joys of weighted blankets. As the science goes, using a weighted blanket is a kind of deep pressure stimulation which can decrease anxiety and elevate your mood. It’s perfect for the troubled sleeper, whether it’s restless legs or a restless mind.

To get the best sleep possible, you’ll want the weighted blanket to be about 10-15% of your (or your dad's) body weight to make sure there’s enough pressure to get that neurological response going. Ecosa offers theirs in 7kg, 9kg and 11kg options so you can choose the best one. 

For those who tend to run hot while they sleep, as dads generally do, you’ll be pleased to hear Ecosa’s weighted blankets are made from natural bamboo which is moisture-wicking not to mention hypoallergenic, so night sweats won't be a problem. 

In need of some new bedding to go with that blankie? Ecosa has just dropped a new range of beautifully soft eco-friendly organic bamboo collections in two new colours—olive green and mustard—and you can finish off the collection with one of their eroganomic memory foam pillows

The best part? Since absolutely everything at Ecosa is 20% off from right now up until Sunday 6 September (that's Father's Day, FYI), you can get a pressie for dad and throw in some comfy new bedding for you. Thanks dad, you're a legend. 

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Image credit: @dom.overseas/Instagram

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