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School Yourself On The LGBQTI+ Civil Rights Movement In This Groundbreaking New Doco

By Jessica Best
11th Nov 2020

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Some documentaries really take their place in the world and EQUAL, a groundbreaking, new docuseries is one everyone needs to watch.

The provocative four-part series pays some serious homage to the rebels and changemakers of an era before us who made huge headway for the LGBQTI+ Civil Rights movement and it’s an absolute must-watch.

The episodes connect a heap of prolific moments throughout history starting from post-war America and pre-Stonewall uprising (the New York riots which really started it all). Through the doco, you’ll get to see the rise of early LGBQTI+ organisations striving for change, the trans experience of the 20th Century which was bookended by the 1996 Compton Cafeteria riots in San Francisco (one of the very first LGBQTI-related riots in the US) and of course, the one that skyrocketed the Pride movement to the spotlight, the 1969 Stonewall uprising.

The best bit? EQUAL also showcases never-before-seen archival footage and depictions of the iconic rebels that led these movements. You can start binging EQUAL here.

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