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7 Must-Have Accessories If You’re Serious About Barbecuing

By Saskia Tillers
10th Dec 2020

There are few things more synonymous with Aussie summer than the smell of snags sizzling on a barbecue. Whether it’s during the day, accompanied by backyard cricket and a lounge in the too-small paddling pool, or on a balmy evening as you swat away the mozzies and crank some Paul Kelly, anytime is the perfect time for a BBQ. But for those keen to really impress their mates this festive season, we’ve enlisted the help of our favourite craft beer, TINNIES to bring you the coolest accessories to really step up your grilling game. So, take your dorky ‘Kiss the chef’ apron to Vinnies, crack open a cold one, and light the gas, ‘caus it’s time to get cooking!

Victoria Enamelled Cast Iron Grill Press

PRICE: $29.95

For the best evenly cooked burgers, crunchy toasties and seared steaks, it’s hard to go past a grill press. This nifty little tool is placed on top of whatever you’re grilling and heats from the top-down. You can use it for crispy bacon in no time at all, or even for flatbreads and quesadillas cooked on your BBQ. The textured bottom ensures it ain’t slipping away, and the smooth wooden handle stays cool, even when your meat is hot as hell. It’s rust-resistant, easy to clean, and is even covered by a lifetime warranty, so you know it’s been made to last. Get yours here.

Pitt Cue Co. – The Cookbook

PRICE: $39.99

From the guys behind London’s iconic barbecue restaurant of the same name, Tom Adams and Richard H. Turner, this meaty manuscript includes everything you need to become a total pro. There are low-and-slow US-style, melt-in-your-mouth ribs and brisket that falls off the bone, as well as an array of insanely tasty veggie dishes and sides such as jalapeno and sour cream corn bread and crispy pickled shiitake mushrooms, plus more sauces than Heinz himself would know. There are even a few surprising extras like Pimm’s sorbet and Bourbon and Coke pudding to round out the whole meal. And the best part? You don’t even need some flash-bang fancy barbeque. The book details how you can achieve top-notch results even if you have a teeny Weber squashed onto your two-metre-wide balcony. Grab a copy here.

Himalayan Salt Block

PRICE: $62.99

Warning: this next one is about as hipster as it comes. But, we have to admit; it definitely lives up to the hype. As practical as it is pretty, a Himalayan Salt Block adds delicious, salty flavour to anything you place on top of it – from veggies and skewers to meat and seafood. Just whack it on top of your grill, add whatever you’re cooking, step away, and let the pink brick do its work, time and time again. Since it looks so impressive, you can also use it as a table platter to display your barbecue bounty. This one comes with a handy steel holder, so you don’t burn your fingers.

Grilling Apron – Williams Sonoma

PRICE: $62

Think you’re being funny with your crude novelty apron? Think again. Forget the consolation laughs and snide asides, and instead shield your t-shirt with a stylish, quality apron from Williams Sonoma. Their grilling apron is specially designed to protect you from high temperatures and smoke, and the heavyweight woven cotton is finished with an acrylic coating that resists moisture and stains, so you don’t have to worry about splattering sauce around. As well as adjustable straps, there’s a loop to hold your tea towel and three reinforced pockets that you can easily tuck your tinny into. Pick up one here.

Matador Stainless Steel Chicken Roaster

PRICE: $29.85

Chicken that tastes like beer? Um, yes, please. This clever contraption sits on your barbecue and makes all your beery chicken dreams come true. Just grab two tinnies (one for the chef to drink, obviously), and pour one into the roaster cup before popping a chicken on top, and closing the lid on your hooded barbie. The beer infuses the bird (so our hot tip is to use a super flavoursome brew, such as TINNIES’ Tropical XPA, which tastes like a holiday in Hawaii) at the same time as keeping it juicy and succulent. Yum. Shop for yours here.

Inkbird 4 Probe Smart Wireless BBQ Thermometer

PRICE: $89

Let’s face it – giving that steak a gentle prod and claiming you know for sure that it’s medium-rare is a long shot. So rather than leaving it to chance, invest in a digital meat thermometer. The Inkbird 4 Probe Smart Wireless BBQ Thermometer is the best in the biz – it’s compatible with your iPhone or Android, can test four types of meat at the same time and allows you to set your own customized temperatures and timers.  It’s truly a no-brainer for checking on whatever’s smoking away inside your grill without scorching the hairs on the back of your hand off or letting out too much heat. Find it at Bunnings.

BBQ Buddy Pizza Stone 

PRICE: $26.40

You might not realise that your BBQ is much more versatile than it sometimes gets credit for. In fact, you can even whip up a gourmet pizza roasted to perfection in your hooded barbecue. The ceramic pizza stone cooks your (homemade or store-bought, we don’t judge!) dough evenly, and achieves delicious crisp crusts, just like a wood-fired oven. It comes with a metal serving stand to easily transfer it from the grill straight to your table, and a cutter, to slice and serve. For bonus points, put your culinary skills to the test and use your stone to cook some other delish creations, such as bread, pastries or cookies. Buy one here.

Has our list got you salivating, and ready to fire up the grill? Once you’ve clicked add to cart, we reckon you should reward yourself with an ice-cold TINNIES classic pale ale (or two!).

Editor’s note: This article is sponsored by TINNIES and proudly endorsed by Urban List. To find out more about who we work with and why read our editorial policy here.

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