This New Company Is Storing Your Ex’s Stuff So You Don’t Have To

By Sophie Hodges
10th Sep 2018

Find me someone who has a good break up story. Honestly, they suck. Breakups are the absolute worst. And arguably the hardest part is splitting all your assets. 

Well, ExBox is here to solve all your problems. The latest service from MakeSpace allows you to ditch your ex’s stuff with the click of the button.

Literally, these guys will schedule someone to come and collect anything that reminds you of your ex (you’re better off without them) and drive it to a storage facility. 

How does it work? There's a three-month minimum requirement for initial storage, and then you can sign onto a monthly or annual plan. Don’t worry though, if he sorts his sh*t out and you do get back together, you can take your things out at any time. 

You simply jump online, select your location and rank your ex (these can range from ‘barely knew their name’ to ‘pretty bad tbh’ and all the way up to ‘we were going to get married’). Depending on how bad your ex was, your rating can unlock discount codes. The more bitter the breakup, the more you save. Nice. 

So what should you chuck—sorry, “store”? The world is your oyster. ExBox suggests computers, clothes, TVs and instruments. Who did he think he was, John Mayer? You can even store their fridge (ExBox's pop-up reaction to fridge storage is "Whoa aggressive! I like it.") 

ExBox is currently only available in four cities in the States (NYC, Washington D.C, Chicago and LA). The service isn’t available for us Aussies yet, but hey, we can cross our fingers for an expansion.

Until then, I’ve got a few friends who offer a similar service, although the things get burned rather than stored. 

Check out ExBox over here

Image credit: Te Nguyen

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