Your Perfect Holiday Is Right Here (You Can Win It, Too)!

By Rachel Lay
16th Jan 2017

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We hate to say I told you so, but we totally picked your perfect holiday destination for you, didn’t we? We wish we could take all the credit, but alas, we have to give the credit to Expedia for their recent survey that got to the bottom of all of our holidaying habits.

To find out more about your destination, keep reading and to win $1,000 toward your trip don’t forget to fill out the form below!

Put an end to reruns of Sex & The City and refresh your Tinder, because New York is the perfect cure to your fling deprivation. Why? Because it’s the world’s best spot for dating, plus, 20% of people look for love on a holiday so your missing puzzle piece is out there. And, almost every rom-com is set in New York. Don’t act like you haven’t been binging on them on them all.

There’s so much to do in New York, you’d probably be too busy to share the experience with anyone else anyway. Whether it’s traipsing your way around the city’s various districts, getting lost on the subway or sky-gazing in Central Park you’re going to have the best time. Non-negotiables include eating your body weight in pizza and recreating that Sleepless in Seattle scene atop the Empire State Building.

To find out where to stay, how to get there and most importantly how to do it without breaking the bank, check out Expedia’s top NY picks here.

To score $1,000 toward your trip simply fill out the form below and keep those fingers crossed (and toes, too).

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Bet you didn’t know 17% of you prefer to travel alone, did you? And that includes you, because you’ve got a serious case of me-time deficiency. Say a not-so fond farewell to your coworkers and their constant sniffling, pen clicking existence and escape to Ubud, Bali. We think a week at a silent yoga retreat in Ubud will do just the trick to get you feeling amazing again.

Picture this: waking up in the beautiful Balinese rainforest, a morning yoga class followed by an acai bowl and a dip in a deliciously blue infinity pool. All without even thinking about your coworkers. Amazing, right?

If going troppo sounds like just what the doctor ordered, then jump onto Expedia to plan your trip now and, fill out the form below to win $1,000 toward your holiday!

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Sufferers of snooze debt take note: you need to get to Japan quick smart. Stop hitting that snooze button and napping at your desk now, because we’ve got one big fat reason to wake up every morning: JAPAN!

A week of quiet, relaxation at an onsen in the remote Japanese countryside sounds pretty darn heavenly. If you’re not familiar with the quiet side of Japan (don’t worry, we’re not either), it goes a little something like this: shack up in a traditional Japanese Inn (ryokan) and sleep in a futon on tatami floors and wake to traditional Japanese breakfast, lunch and dinner. Amazing.

If you’re positively dying to get to Japan, check out Expedia to find your perfect itinerary and enter your details below to win $1,000 toward your trip — good luck!

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Aloha, sunshine! Don’t worry, suffering with sunshine deficiency can easily be cured by a trip to Hawaii. Trade fluorescent lights and tropical desktop backgrounds for the real deal with $1,000 to put toward your dream trip simply by entering your details below.

The only known cure for sunshine deprivation is an immediate dose of lounging by a Hawaiian poolside, with a constant drip-feeding of cocktails adorned with mini umbrellas. You can’t argue with science, folks.

Find the perfect poolside with Expedia here, and don’t forget to enter your details below to win $1,000 for your holiday!

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Break up your food rut—now is not the time for left over spag bol, people—with a much-needed culinary excursion to New Orleans. Sufferers of taste deprivation will be familiar with the symptoms; the impulse to eat crazy-decadent foods and laugh in the face of your uneaten kale salad. The only known cure is endless beignets, gumbo, mac n cheese and, most importantly, jambalaya in New Orleans. Duh.

35% of us look forward to eating whatever we want on holidays, so go on, treat yo’ self!

To win $1,000 to go toward your dream holiday, fill out the form below and keep your fingers and toes crossed. Get started on planning your trip now with Expedia.

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Worker’s itch is classic. We’ve all been there, don’t even try to deny it. You know the feeling; you’re sitting at your work desk fighting the feeling to do something incredibly spontaneous. Some opt for starting small, with simple things like switching your barista. While others (err, that’s us) opt for something a little crazier, like booking a trip to Queenstown at the last minute. And we’re not alone, 60% of people are A-OK with taking leave with less than a week’s notice.

So what are you waiting for? Switch your desk for bungee jumping and get across the ditch, stat.

To win $1,000 toward your trip, fill out the form below and pray to the adrenalin gods that you win. In the meantime, book your last minute hotels, flights and everything in between with Expedia now.

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Be honest now, do you really remember the last time you had a vacation? We’re guessing not, since you’ve been diagnosed with chronic vacation deprivation. With such an ailment, though, comes a hefty amount of leave. So get your hard-working butt to Europe, already! The perfect place to start is in old London town.

Did you know that 35% of us wait over a year to take a holiday? If you ask us, that’s way too long. Plus, we’re giving away $1,000 toward your dream holiday as an added incentive to get out there! Just fill out the form below.

Apart from the obvious—Big Ben, the London Eye, Oxford Street, Camden Markets, Notting Hill for a start—Expedia has got your trip covered. Check them out for everything from your hotel to your insurance. Too easy.

To get started planning your holiday check out Expedia now.

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