Peak Life, Achieved: Fairy Bread Gelato Exists And No We Can’t Handle It

By Jessica Pridmore
31st Jul 2018


We’re not even sure how to describe what we felt when this slid into our DMs over the weekend, but we’ll give it a red hot go.

In what we can only describe as a stroke of genius, the Australians of the Year gang over at Gelato Messina have really excelled this time around, creating probably the most Aussie of all gelato flavours. May we present to you, Fairy Bread gelato. (Permission to lose your shit, 100% granted!)

It goes a lil’ something like this: toast and butter flavour gelato (we’re DED), accompanied by a 100s & 1000’s crunch churned into and tossed all over it. We’re finished. Done. Extinct. R.I.P.

Go call in a sickie IMMEDIATELY and release the inner big kid in you by buying a litre tub and eating it in bed when you should be a work. Adulting #goals.

This stuff won’t hang around so get a flippin move on.

In more breaking news; this is what a Maxibon x Krisy Creme ice cream baby looks like.

Image credit: Gelato Messina

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