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Fangs Out, This New Vampire Series Will Fill That Twilight-Shaped Hole In Your Life

By Jessica Best
26th Oct 2020

bloody hand turning page of book

If anything, 2020 has been the year which saw vampires come back from the dead (we’re looking at you Midnight Sun) and Netflix is showing no signs of slowing down in this space or you know… coffin.

News just in, the streaming juggernaut has just ordered a queer vampire series and our dark and creepy hearts have never been more than ready. The new show will be called First Kill and it’s loosely based on a short story (by the same name) within Vampires Never Get Old: Tales With Fresh Bite by V.E. Schwab.

It’s also set to see Emma Roberts take the reins as executive producer which means, with no doubt, that First Kill will be an absolute ten on the binge-able scale. The eight-episode show will see teen Juliette try and win her spot inside an uber elite vampire family by making her very first and very important “first kill” but this feat is made harder when Juliette scopes her prey, a new girl in town called Calliope, who just so happens to come from a longstanding line of the world’s best vampire slayers. Each episode is locked to span a juicy 60-minutes too which means there’s a whole lot of blood, night-time antics and fantasy characters to come.

There’s no word yet of who’s confirmed to steal a role in the cast or when we can expect this one to hit Netflix so stay tuned.

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Image credit: Loren Cutler

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