Fitness Dummy | We Try 7 YouTube Workouts

By Chloe Sputore
21st Jun 2016

With all the eating out, entertaining and shopping I do I’ve had to be pretty crafty when it comes to saving money. I’m a DIY beauty addict, a permanent fixture on public transport and I’ve even taught myself how to knit (you know where to come when the apocalypse hits and you don’t have anything warm to wear!).

After spending a heck load of money on exercise while shredding for my wedding last year, this year is all about the at-home workout so I can continue to enjoy my extravagant life of eating, shopping and entertaining myself—and keep my fitness levels up to boot!

Here’s 7 workouts you can do at home, thanks to YouTube.


This is probably one of the best YouTube channels of all time if you’re looking to keep in shape. Hosted by Anna Renderer (America’s version of Michelle Bridges), POPSUGAR Fitness upload 10 to 40 minute workouts pretty regularly covering everything from HIIT and bodyweight workouts to boxing, Pilates and dance. It’s pretty much impossible to hate Anna (except maybe mid-burpee) because she is so upbeat and happy, and just a general all-round nice gal. Highly recommend!

Yoga With Adriene

My all time fave YouTube yoga instructor, I love Adriene so much that I would probably consider her to be a good friend, is that weird? Eh, we all have our quirks! Yoga With Adriene is suitable for beginners, right through to experienced yogis. If you’re wanting to set yourself a yoga challenge I highly recommend Yoga Camp—a 30 day at-home practice that will have you feeling like a yoga pro in no time at all.

BeFiT | Burn To The Beat

I LOVE workouts that don’t feel like work and BeFIT’s Burn To The Beat series is exactly that. Each workout, led by bootylicious lady Keaira LaShae, is about 10 minutes, so I usually combine a few, unless I am feeling like a total lazy bones. Keaira teaches tons of different dance styles, including hip hop, Latin, African, reggaeton and Brazillian.


Daniel and Kelli are the husband and wife duo behind FitnessBlender where you’ll find hundreds of full-length workouts to rock at home. Covering everything from HIIT, kickboxing, cardio training, Pilates and barre—FitnessBlender has dedicated videos for men and women of all fitness levels.

Tara Stiles

Possibly one of the most well-known YouTube yogis, Tara Stiles has built herself a bit of an empire with a studio in New York, frequent world tours and several health and fitness books to her name. A former model, Tara’s yoga mantra is “find what feels good”, and she shares videos to help you get strong, calm and flexible, as well as some tasty, healthy recipes (her almond butter fudge is to die for). Check her out!


Cassey Ho is the brains behind super successful Pilates channel Blogilates. Her videos are high energy, fun and effective (read: painful). While on the shorter side, I will generally create my own playlist to target multiple areas in one workout. Off the back of the success of HIIT workouts, Cassey offers PIIT (yep, that stands for Pilates Intense Interval Training) which works a treat if you’re looking to take the burn up a notch.

Tone It Up

America’s answer to Kayla Itsines (x2) Tone It Up is a YouTube channel produced by Karina and Katrina, two super hot babes who want to help us achieve our bikini body dreams. They cover everything from cardio and HIIT to yoga, and their videos are super slick, not to mention hard!

Image credit: Yoga With Adriene

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