10 #Fitspo Health Nuts To Follow On Instagram RN

By Rosie Gregory
2nd Feb 2018

If we're going to spend five hours a day on our phone, we might as well spend a couple of those stalking some #fitspo bosses and *trying* to get motivated. We're a bit over the photo-shopped, booty shots touting yet another brand of protein shaker, so this year, we’re all about following relatable, positive and uplifting peeps in our feeds.

From the resident big names to micro influencers changing up the online scene, here is our list of the top fitspo Instagram accounts to follow right now.  

Sarah’s Day

Handle: @sarahs_day
Follow for: Pure Positivity, Holistic Fitness And Lols.

She’s YouTube's holistic health princess and with a devoted #sezzysquad of 360k following her every move on Insta, this lifestyle and fitness star will make you want to put down the chocolate and reach for a bliss ball. From her HIIT workout e-book to teaming up with The Health Lab to release her own range of protein balls, this is one fit chick on a mission to inspire—all while keeping up a wild sense of humour and refreshingly positive outlook. Always aiming to stay relatable and down to earth, she has also been documenting her struggles with hormonal health issues lately and we love her even more for it.


And this, my sissy’s... THIS is how I maintain my healthy diet. Sure I overeat and struggle with portion control every now and then, but I genuinely LOVE my diet and get excited over food. I hear so many people opening up about their struggles in sticking to their ‘diet’ or trying to eliminate junk food. I used to think that eating healthy just meant chicken, greens and brown rice ����‍♀️ #yawwwwnnn I eat a highly Paleo, plant-based diet which changes with the season and whatever produce is available. I love trying new veggies, fruits and salad combos to keep it fresh and exciting! Pretty much every ingredient here is classified as a superfood in its own right. Purple cabbage and cacao nibs are loaded with antioxidants which fight free radicals and promote cell regeneration. Brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds will help bring a radiant glow to your skin and the salted caramel @loving_earth chocolate which is predominantly virgin cacao butter, an ingredient known to help prevent aging, skin issues and hair loss (I actually use raw cacao butter in the shower as a full body moisteriser ����) If you’re feeling demotivated or bored with your healthy diet, I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and try a brand new vegetable or fruit. Enjoying your meals and being excited about food is honestly the one major tip I could give you in terms of maintaining a healthy diet✨

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Kayla Itsines

Handle: @kayla_itsines
Follow for: Gym Motivation And Body Transformations 

Instagram’s golden girl and without a doubt Australia’s most famous and successful PT turned CEO, Kayla Itsines' fame is unparalleled. Her legion of #BBG and SWEAT app supporters from around the world stay tuned in for her constant fitness motivation, workout ideas and bikini body guides. If you haven’t already seen Miss Itsines on the ‘gram (have you actually been under a rock?!) expect jaw-dropping client transformations, inspiring HIIT workout videos and ab-snaps aplenty!

Amanda Bisk

Handle: @amandabisk
Follow for: Flexibility #Goals, HIIT Workouts And Puppy Love

This former Australian pole vaulter will have you in total awe of her ultra-bendy yoga flows and envious beachside life—where she will often get bendy on the beach for total envy factor. Sharing workout videos, yoga flows and some swoon-worthy puppy shots of her two sausage dogs, Amanda is fitspo with backing—she's got qualifications as an exercise physiologist, elite athletics coach and yoga teacher. 

Emily Skye Fit

Handle: @emilyskyefit
Follow for: Home + Gym Workouts And Reality Checks

With a follower count well into the millions, Emily Skye is one of Australia’s most influential fitness queens. Showcasing her hard grafted for physique and the sweat sessions that got that bod, she’s been the source of inspiration for many a girl hitting the gym after a long day at work! It’s not all gratuitous ab shots on this feed though—the new mum let her followers behind the scenes as she tracked her pregnancy and post-partum training online. Showing her reality which left her side-lined from working out during her pregnancy and her authentic, slow approach to getting back into training, she has rallied against the stereotypes of having a 6-pack the day after giving birth.


I did a resistance band workout today. Mia didn’t want to be away from me so I brought her outside with me so she could watch me. It worked out well because I got to give her kisses in between sets! ���� . It’s hard to get a workout in with a newborn who needs their mummy constantly but I fit it in when I can - as long as it’s not taking me away from Mia. . I’m feeling so good being able to exercise lightly! It reminds me why I started living this lifestyle in the first place (about 8.5 years ago). Being healthy and active makes me feel great! It helps with everything in my life - especially being a mother now. �� Bring on next week when I start my FIT Program with all the ladies in my FIT community! I’m so pumped! ���� Who’s joining us? �� . ✨ You can trial my FIT program for FREE for 7 days - click the link in my profile or go to: ✨ . If there’s something you really want then find a way to get it! - It’s up to YOU! ����☺️ . . @emilyskye_ig . . . ����‍♀️ Workout videos: @emilyskyefitness . . . #5weekspostpartum .

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Shona Vertue

Handle: @shona_vertue
Follow for: Yoga—With A Side Of Booty Gains

Shona is an Aussie native who has upped roots to spread her fit and healthy message across the world in London. The hybrid yoga teacher and PT, has created a workout program—The Vertue Method‚ which inspires her “vertue crew” to get sweaty and soulful through yoga and strength based conditioning drills, while infusing mindful meditation practices. Her evidence-backed and thoroughly researched videos and posts are delivered with a healthy dose of humour and she is a refreshing addition to the fitspo community, at home and abroad!  


STRETCH AND STRENGTHEN YO’ BUTT (and other important body parts) AT THE SAME TIME | Did you know that you can lift weight, increase your heart rate and improve your mobility at the same time? These two exercises are difficult but once mastered can work your glutes, inner thighs and hamstrings while also helping to stretch them out (particularly if you hold the positions at the end range). The only catch is that you have to focus and concentrate on correct execution and quality movement - not something that is always encouraged or cultivated in nightclub bootcamp classes or noisy gyms. If you’re short on time, you can’t afford to be short on quality because it will hinder the outcome of your results. I know it can be uncomfortable and awkward but I swear on Val Kilmer (in willow)’s life, that you will feel better if you continue to learn to move better. Other option for this caption was: Tighten up your inner thighs, perk up your glutes and tone your tummy! But you and your body are worth so much more than that. Outfit: I know I’ll be asked - @thisisfirstbase ❤️ #vertuecrew #vertuemethod

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Base Body Babes

Handle: @basebodybabes
Follow for: Workout Inspo And Athleisure Crushing

Felicia and Diana, the sisters behind Base Body Babes, have climbed the ranks of fitness influence through the sharing of their (always aesthetically pleasing) feed of workouts, lust-worthy athleisure outfits and food porn. The personal trainers run sessions out of the Base Body Studio and with their online program encourage legions of women to get into lifting weights for a healthier, stronger and fit lifestyle.

Sjana Elise

Handle: @sjanaelise
Follow for: Yoga And Wanderlust

With a feed displaying her enviable figure getting bendy in wanderlust-inducing locations across the globe, it’s no wonder Sjana has over 1 million followers on the ‘gram. However, it’s not just all pretty pictures and flows, this yogi shares vulnerable and inspirational captions alongside helpful tips and tricks, to give some insight into her daily life. Last year she also teamed up with fellow influencer Kayla Itsines on the Sweat App to release the Body and Mind Yoga Program so you can [maybe] get as flexible as she is.


Dan Conn

Handle: @dan_dc_conn
Follow for: Gym Inspo and Mental Health Awareness

One of the leading male #fitspo kings in the Aussie scene, you may recognise Dan from his previous role with franchise giants F45. Now fronting the way with Orangetheory and Anytime Fitness, alongside a sponsorship deal from Adidas, you will regularly find workout inspiration alongside shirtless selfies on his feed! Recently opening up about his personal battles with mental health has also seen his shift into helping to raise awareness for mental health, especially for men.

Keep It Cleaner

Handle: @keepitcleaner
Follow for: Fitspo Inspiration, Healthy Recipes and Workout Challenges

The combined power of two major Aussie models/influencers, Stephanie Smith and Laura Henshaw, Keep It Cleaner is aiming to make clean, healthy living more accessible through the launch of their online platform and program. Throughout their feed you’ll find a healthy dose of humour, sweaty reality, workout guides, recipes and BFF #goals shots served up from the active duo.

Janis Blums

Handle: @janis_blums
Follow for: Health And Fitness Tips

One of the more qualified PT’s occupying the social media space right now, Janis is a movement and strength coach operating out of Sydney. Consistently sharing tricks and insightful advice on exercises and workouts, alongside common mistakes, his aim is to help you train smarter, not harder. Oh, and did we mention on top of that he is also a firefighter…


Another amazing week done and dusted @sweatysoulsydney Can’t believe it’s already been 6 months since our opening. There are 2 things in particular that really make me smile the most about this place. The first is watching all the new little friendships forming between all the members and trainers and secondly, witnessing everyone grow stronger, fitter and more resilient over time with consistent training and effort. Really looking forward to another amazing 6 months with @nickowalsh and the awesome Sweaty Soul Team �� . I’d also like to say a huge thank you to all those that have dropped by to learn, train and help me grow as a Personal Trainer ���� @tessbegg @jesabeldj @issychichi @stephblank_ @kristen_grant @jacquelinepypers @phoebeohh @mikaylamenin @ashleighmenin @hannahwaites @saschaolive @miki_davis @mikkizoe @lottamaybelake @kristinasrzich @teresa_tra @rachkaplan @kathryn_grace_nocerino #personaltrainer #sydney #gym #boxing #bondi #firefighter #workout . Photo credit: @scottiehendo

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Image credit: Sjana Elise

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