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Forget Tinnies, Wine In A Can Has Arrived In Australia

By Simone Jovel
23rd Jan 2018

Is it just us, or does nothing say ‘Straya quite like these four words: wine in a can? Well team, listen up because wine in a can is finally here and your next beach party-picnic-BBQ just went up a level.

Finally, Aussie boozers (read: wine drinkers) have been given what they damn deserve. No more cup holders with stakes jabbed into uneven ground, no more awkwardly placing your wine bottle in the esky to cool your chardy in the sun, no more corks and all of the convenience.

BWS are the ones to thank, with tipples like pinot gris, savvy b and chardy from Crafters Union, and even a French rosè (!!) by Le Chat M Pierre sitting pretty in a freaking can. We should mention, there’s even a legit Italian prosecco. Trust us, we’re as excited as you are.

Wine in a can (and prosecco, champagne, okay we will calm down now) are available from, well, this weekend.

Speaking of 'Straya, how's your slang?

Image credit: BWS

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