19 Of The Best 2000s Trends That Will Make You Feel Officially Old

By Clare Acheson
24th Sep 2015

Listers, I’m going to show my age here. I remember listening to that Pulp song that talked about “Let’s all meet up in the year two thousand,” and thinking, “Woah, the year two thousand. THE FUTURE.” Well, y2k came and went, and suddenly we’re in 2015, looking back on the weird and wonderful trends of the noughties with a cringe-worthy eye-roll. Nokia mobile phones? Hipster jeans? THAT double denim Justin and Britney look at the 2001 AMAs?!

Here are 19 of our favourite 2000s trends that will have you laughing/crying/wondering what the hell we were all thinking way back when.

#1: ‘Statement’ Highlights

Remember when stripey ‘statement’ highlights were a thing? You didn’t have the hairstyle du jour unless someone could see at least three dramatically different colours in your poker-straight hairdo from at least 20 paces. And none of them was your natural hair colour. Yikes. 

#2: Rhinestone Bellybutton Piercings

Crop tops got the early 2000s treatment with the addition of glittery rhinestone bellybutton piercings, thanks to many a pop starlet of the noughties. I legit begged my mother to let me have one of these until my older cousin’s got infected and turned green and puss-filled. Thank God for small graces.

#3: Nokia Mobile Phones

The Nokia 3310 was released on 1st September 2000, people. Do you remember that feeling of excitement when you upgraded your 3210 to the new, more compact model? 

#4: Custom Cases For Nokia Mobile Phones

…And then got a new snazzy multi-coloured plastic clip-on fascia for it?! Those were the days of school locker room style-wars glory, my friends.

#5: Being the Snake II Champion of Your Year Group 

Yes, in the early 2000s, Snake was still a thing and if you had a 3310, Snake II came as standard. I can’t really remember what the difference between the original and its sequel was (were there obstacles?), all I know is that if you were the champion, you were a legend amongst Nokia-owning teenagers.

#6: MSN Messenger

Listen to this right now. Most nostalgic sound ever, amirite? If your heart doesn’t race when you hear that ‘pa-ping’ notification, you weren’t doing 2000’s messaging-your-maths-class-crush romance right.

#7: Napster

In spite of teachers, parents and everyone who was, like, toooootally boring and not with the times in the noughties telling you that if you got caught you’d go to jail and never boot up your 48mb RAM desktop computer again, downloading the latest music releases from Napster made you a bona fide trend-setter. If your parents had already somehow locked Napster on your home PC, Limewire was your saviour.

#8: Britney Forever <3

The 2000s were Britney’s heyday. At the turn of the millennium, she turned 19 and dropped Oops!... I Did It Again, spawning many a soulful high school talent show cover of ‘Lucky’ and a bevvy of inappropriate lunchtime dance rehearsals to the title track. Britney, you’re our ultimate noughties icon, school girl miniskirt and all.

#9: Britney & Justin Forever <3

…And then she got together with Justin Timberlake!!! Every high school couple secretly wanted to be crowned the Britney and Justin of their year group.

#10: Britney & Justin’s Homage To Denim Forever <3

True love, noughties style, was a double-denim double-date at the American Music Awards. Justin, you were a dreamboat, even in a patchwork denim cowboy hat.

#11: ‘Hipster’ Jeans

Low-low hipster jeans were the fashion staple of the noughties—you could dress them down with a t-shirt or hoodie, or dress them up with a belly top and a weird chain belt thing that probably had some sort of gemstone detailing.

#12: Cargo Pants

If you weren’t into the hipster denim thing, cargo pants (also worn dangerously low) were a must-have. On the plus side, at least you had, like, a million pockets for your Nokia 3310 and its various and plentiful interchangeable fascias.

#13: Wearing Your G-String Just Slightly Above Your Hipster Jeans/Cargo Pants


#14: Everything Moulin Rouge

The costumes! The music! The amped-up drag-queen-esuqe makeup from that notorious music video! Everything Moulin Rouge was cool in 2001, when the film was released (feel old yet?). Ah, we were all just Nicole Kidmans, looking for our Ewan McGregors to, um, serenade us before we died of TB.

#15: Everything Almost Famous

Cameron Crowe’s masterpiece, Almost Famous, is to blame for my lifelong love affair with boys with a shred of musical talent (which is, to be honest, quite surprising if you’ve actually seen the film). Penny Lane was an anti-hero amongst noughties teenage girls and William was living the dream life most horny noughties teenage boys wished for. You’re a true 2000s teen if you ended most of your drunken uni nights out by placing all of the chairs in your student flat into a make-shift bus seating arrangement before convincing everyone to sing ‘Tiny Dancer’ in unison.

#16: The First Harry Potter Film

Remember how bad the acting was in the first one?! No, you probably don’t because you’d had your tickets booked for weeks and were too excited to care.

#17: If You Were A Rebel, Everything Avril Lavigne

Why’d you have to go and make things so cooomp-li-caaaated, huh Avril? If you weren’t a Britney fan, Ms. Lavigne was a godsend and gave your teenage pseudo-punk rock existence something to live for. (Yes, I was in an Avril Lavigne cover band at one point in life. No, none of us could get a date with a sk8er boi. Yes, we sucked.)

#18: If You Were A Rebel x1000, Nu-Metal

Your first gen iPod was chockfull of Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Slipknot (if you were really hardcore), and you had all the band hoodies and knock-off merch to match.

#19: Having No Clue What To Call That Decade

The two thousands? The noughties? Y2k and then some? Even now, I’m still baffled by the correct terminology for the first decade of this century. I guess some things never change.

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