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FYI Dessert Hummus Is About To Become Your Fave Dip

By Ange Law
8th Nov 2017


Food trends come and go, but that tub of pure deliciousness sitting on the second shelf in your fridge is forever—oh yeah, we’re looking at you hummus. Until now, it was nothing more than a foolproof, reliable dip. Now? Well, now it’s so much more than that. We’d like to introduce you to our new mate, dessert hummus.

We like to think of this bad boy as a hybrid between three of our favourite things—brownie batter, cookie dough and hummus. Trust us, you’ll be shovelling this into your gob by the bucket load, as soon as it comes to Australia that is. For now, we’ll just describe it to you and dare you to make some for yourself at home. 

Suitable for vegans and gluten-free humans alike, dessert hummus is actually healthy, thanks to the good American folk at Delighted By—it's made from chickpeas (duh) and sweetened with either coconut sugar or raw turbinado (that’s a type of sugar, FYI). 

As for the flavours, you’ll be making the tough decision between Brownie Batter, Choc-O-Mint, Vanilla Bean, and Snickerdoodle. TBH we can’t think of a better excuse to jump a plane and head for America. If anyone needs us…

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Image credit: via Delighted By Instagram

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