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Ghosthunter Is The Haunting New True Crime Podcast You Need To Start Now

By Jessica Best
23rd Jul 2019


Get your headphones ready, a brand new true crime podcast has dropped and it’s the only thing you need to binge this week.

Ghosthunter is an Australian-based podcast that is part family memoir and part true crime story and has been seven years in the making. It follows Jason King, a self-proclaimed ghost hunter whose first ghost-sighting was that of his brother. He told Jason that he needed to find their estranged father, who disappeared during their childhood.

King teams up with documentarian Ben Lawrence over several years, becoming entwined with the supernatural but things get complicated when a three-year police investigation interrupts their research into the King family’s murky past. Expect lots of ghost hunting, paranormal activity and court hearings

Ghosthunter is made up of five episodes and can be listened to on Audible as of today.

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