Give Smart | 10 Charities Worth Your Hard Earned Dollars

By Peta Brady
18th Dec 2018

If you’re out and about in any major city, it’s likely you’ve been bailed up on the corner by an overly-enthusiastic backpacker in a brightly coloured t-shirt wanting “just a minute” of your time to talk about donating to one charity or another. And while you might normally brush them off with a mumbled excuse, there may come a day when you’re feeling generous and decide to stop, have a chat, and hand over your credit card digits.

But have you ever wondered where your money ends up? Even not-for-profit charities have overheads, (friendly corner-stalkers to pay, various administration costs, and the like) so how do you know what portion of your donation actually makes it through to the other end, and if it really makes a difference?

With thousands of charities to choose from it can all become a bit overwhelming, and sometimes this can lead us to just giving up and not donating at all. So, in the spirit of giving, we thought we’d help you out and do the research for you.

Here are 10 charities actually making a difference with the spare coin you donate to them. 

Share The Dignity

Share the Dignity is an Australian women’s charity offering support for homeless women and victims of domestic violence, by collecting and distributing packs of personal hygiene products. They accept product donations, which are first distributed locally, and excess items are then sent out nationally and internationally to women in need.

Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders deliver medical services to over 70 countries around the world, providing life-saving humanitarian care to wherever it’s needed most. They’re completely transparent about where your money goes, and you can expect at least 85% of your donation to go towards their programs.

World Vision Australia

We’ve all heard of World Vision, and with decades of globally-recognised good deeds behind them, they’re one of the best-known charities who work really hard to deliver on their promise to help overcome poverty. More than 83% of all donations are used to help people in need through field programs, advocacy work and partnerships.

The Nature Conservancy

In over 70 countries, The Nature Conservancy works with worldwide partners to protect our planet and create a future where both people and the environment can thrive. Their actions are guided on what science dictates as urgent, not just random opinions, and 71.2% of their funding goes directly into conservation programs.

Peter Mac Cancer Foundation

Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation is an Australian public hospital solely dedicated to overcoming cancer. Around 600 laboratory and clinical researchers work at Peter Mac, searching for better ways to detect and prevent cancer in the early stages and treat patients using more effective methods with fewer side effects. When you donate to Peter Mac your funds go directly into the purchase of researcher resources, recruitment of new researchers, clinical trials, and the purchase of new technologies for treatment.

Care Australia

As a globally-recognised development organisation, Care Australia provide humanitarian services and promote equal living standards for everyone, regardless of race, religion, or status. Their focus is on moving towards equal rights for women, providing education and access to clean water, and ending world hunger. Their 2017 / 2018 report indicates that 85% of donations were used directly for program funding.

Pet Welfare Foundation

When it comes to looking after our furry friends, Pet Welfare Foundation is all about promoting change from the top down, working with local governments and councils to facilitate policy changes around animal welfare. Run largely by volunteers, your donation helps tens of thousands of pets across Australia to find a forever home, reducing the number of animals being euthanised.

The Smith Family

The Smith Family is an independent charity supporting disadvantaged children and young people in Australia. According to their research, one in six children are living in poverty, and they’ve made it their mission to break the cycle through education. They receive approximately 60% of their funding through donations, and almost 50% of this money is spent on education programs.

Australian Wildlife Conservancy

We are so lucky to be surrounded by unique wildlife in Australia, and the good folks at the Australian Wildlife Conservancy are doing their best to protect them all. Their aim is to prevent the extinction of many different Australian species by establishing sanctuaries and effective land management strategies. The AWC receives around 57% of their funding via donations and spend, on average, 48% of this on research and projects.

Books For Africa

As the name suggests, Books for Africa collect and send books (and e-readers and computers) to children of all ages across African countries, believing everyone should have access to an education given it’s a big step towards ending poverty. When donating, you can choose to direct funds to a specific project or the organisation as a whole, or simply offer to donate your old books.

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