Australia’s Top Google Searches Of 2017 Have Been Revealed

By Ben Tyers
13th Dec 2017


2017 has been a pretty crazy year, what with the constant news of Trump sending a tweet, everyone going bananas over fidget spinners, as well as many joining the search for the most perfect recipe for slime—and it seems your Google searches have reflected that.

Today Google released the top Australian searches for the year, and there are a few results that we’ve definitely plugged into the Google machine ourselves.

The top 3 most searched things this year were all sporting events, with the Australian Open, Melbourne Cup, and Wimbledon taking the top spots, followed closely by everybody’s favourite time waster, the fidget spinner.

Of Australian’s who were searched for the most, it’s our Sophie (tbh it was probably just Jarrod typing it over, and over) that came out on top following her recent season of The Bachelorette, followed by Kate Fischer and the now free Schapelle Corby. Amber Sherlock found herself in the top 10 after that incident. You know the one.

Australian’s are a curious bunch, searches that begun with “How to” were finished off with interesting questions like “how to make slime”, “how to make fluffy slime”, “how to make slime without borax”, “how to make slime without glue”, and finally “how to vote for gay marriage”. At least our priorities are in check.

There was also a sense of wonder among us as we searched “What is” followed by terms like “MSG” (oh boy do we know what MSG is), “kimchi”, “a publican”, “covfefe”, “a fidget spinner”, “Good Friday”—and a broader question close to our hearts “What is MSG and why is it bad?

After pondering the how and the what, we moved onto the why. "Why is" was followed closely by questions like "why is it called Good Friday", "what is Nathan Lyon Garry", and the very common and normal "why is my poop green".

What does all this tell us?

Well, to us, we can make a broad assumption that Australians are a bunch of slime-making, fidget-spinning, Sophie Monk-watching, gay marriage-voting, MSG-loving, green pooping, Nathan Lyon-loving legends. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Image credit: Tenplay

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