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4 Reasons To Branch Out And Green Up Your Work Space

By Sophie Oddo
28th Oct 2020

For the most part, plants are used as a decorative element that can easily and inexpensively transform spaces from lackluster to lush. But what you probably didn’t know is that plants boast many other advantages that make them the perfect addition to any office or workspace.

If you’ve only ever dabbled with plants in the home, it’s time to extend your plant parenting skills to the office. And to help you do just that, we’ve teamed up with Advance Plants—one of Queensland’s leading indoor plant hire and landscaping businesses—to help uncover the many benefits of greening up your workspace.

Reduces Stress And Anxiety

Being in a slump or a negative mood at work can lead to reduced performance and productivity. Sharon Prater from Advance Plants explains having plants in your office environment is a simple way to help feel better and relieve some stress and anxiety.

“Whether in your home or your workplace, plants will help assist in alleviating your feelings of stress and anxiety. Studies have shown strong evidence supporting the benefits of indoor plants for reducing stress in office workers.

“Us humans have an innate connection to nature and we feel better if we can see the sky, swim in the ocean, and be surrounded by plant life,” Prater says.

Caring for something that is living can provide you with a sense of joy and happiness. But if the thought of being responsible for keeping plants alive in your workplace has you feeling stressed, stress less. Advance Plant Services provides a full design, installation and maintenance service that eliminates any stress you may have with keeping the plants alive while working your 9-to-5. All that’s left to do is sit back and soak up that green goodness.

Improves Air Quality Acting As Natural Humidifiers

We’re all aware of how plants and greenery help to improve our air quality, but what many people are unaware of is the level of indoor pollution we can often be subject to—sometimes even greater than the pollution we are exposed to outside.

Research has shown that plants improve air quality in several ways: they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through photosynthesis, they serve as natural dehumidifiers and they can passively absorb pollutants through their leaves and root/soil system. So, if you’re stuck in an office space with minimal fresh air or you’re simply looking to further improve your air quality, invest in a few plants and breathe easy knowing your harnessing Mother Nature’s natural humidifier.

Inspires Creativity And Boosts Productivity

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does. Because loading up your workspace reduces stress and improves air quality, it helps to inspire creativity and boost productivity. Just think of the positive impact all that extra fresh air and reduced stress levels will have on your approach to work and your ability to think clearly. 

Prater says plants are an essential element to any office or environment where learning or concentration is required, “The presence of indoor plants has been demonstrated to improve concentration and increase productivity, which is especially beneficial in a work and learning environment. For me, plants are as important as having a desk and chair in my office.” So, if you’re lacking some lush in your workspace, it might be time to get your green on.

Low Investment, Big Return

The great thing about plants is that they are an inexpensive way to completely transform an office space and they don't have to be high maintenance.

“Zanzibar Gem is a stunning glossy leafed plant that can handle different light conditions and neglect. They are drought tolerant and prefer to completely dry out between watering. They make the perfect indoor plant,” Prater recommends.

“Sansevieria, or otherwise known as snake plant or mother-in-law's tongue, is also popular and hardy species that is nearly indestructible. It’s another drought-tolerant plant and if you let these dry out between watering, they should survive for a very long time. There are a number of different cultivars of this plant offering various growth formations and heights and colouration of the leaves. They work well clustering in groups or as a standalone feature plant.

“Peace Lilly is another very forgiving plant even though it likes being watered regularly. This plant will tell you when to water it by getting droopy leaves. If you wait for the leaves to start drooping before you water, this will eliminate any root rot and your plant should last for years.”

Think it’s about time you introduced a little greenery into your workspace? If you’re keen to experience the many benefits plants can have in your office, make sure to book a consultation with Advance Plants who can help you with anything from plant hire, to green walls and even landscaping. 

Image credit: Severin Candrian

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