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Dim The Lights, An Unreleased 80s Horror With Laura Dern And George Clooney Is Coming This Year

By Rick Stephens
23rd Sep 2020

A young George Clooney and Laura Dern laying in a sleeping bag at night, on the set of 'Grizzly 2. Revenge'.

Anyone patiently waiting for the sequel to 1977 indie horror, Grizzly, will rejoice in the good news that Grizzly 2. Revenge is set for release after being filmed almost 40 years ago. For the few who may not have been twiddling their thumbs in anticipation for the past several decades, the cast—which consists of a young Laura Dern, George Clooney, and Charlie Sheen—should be enough to catch your attention.

The Grizzly franchise came off the back of a popular cinematic trend that arguably still exists today: oversized animals with an insatiable appetite for humans. So much so, that following 1975 classic Jaws, Grizzly was at one point the highest-grossing independent flick of all time.

With so much success, one would wonder why have we’ve had to wait around 40 years for the film’s release. Well, like an XXL bear taking to a herd of unknowing humans, things got very messy. 

For starters, Grizzly 2. Revenge is set in a music festival, and the budget had completely blown out by having to hire around 50,000 extras to recreate such a scene. Then, you have one of the producers reportedly disappearing with over a fat million in company money, while the director, William Girder, tragically died in a helicopter crash just after.

In the spirit of reboots, remakes and sequels, however, one Hollywood producer named Suzanne Nagy has picked the film back up, shot some remaining scenes and primed this unapologetically ridiculous horror film for a 2020 release. Check out the trailer below:

In the meantime, Check out Alive, the hectic Korean horror flick streaming on Netflix now.

Image credit: Suzanne Nagy

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