Have A Desk Job? Here’s How To Sneak More Exercise Into Your Day

By Albert Cho
1st Aug 2019

Have A Desk Job? Here's How To Sneak More Exercise Into Your Day

Some people say they like working out in the morning so they start their day on a high while some people prefer working out in the evening to clear their mind and unwind. Then there’s most of us who just don’t enjoy exercising full stop. Although the thought of breaking a sweat makes us cringe, we can’t deny that exercise is something everyone should get amongst. It promotes physical and mental health and wellness and everyone can benefit from being a little more active.

Well we’re here to tell you that you don’t need to drop a single bit of sweat as we have found some tricks to get you active without even realising.

Walk To Work

It’s not like we’re all that active at work, sitting on our desks all day so starting our day with a walk is the least we could do. Yes, walking is a form of exercise and some studies even show that walking on the reg can boost your lifeline up to three years! Chuck in some earphones, play your fave tunes and laugh at all the stagnant cars stuck in traffic while you stroll your way through the streets. Even if the distance is too long to take on by feet, at least walk to the bus stop and take public transport! It’s cheaper, faster, better for the environment—and your health. It’s a win for all!

Take The Stairs

Say no to the elevator and take the stairs! We’re all guilty of catching the lift even if it’s just two flights of stairs which you could easily conquer. Stair walking burns more calories than traditional walking as that upwards slope can make you break a sweat. Even if you have to go all the way to the top floor from the bottom floor, take this as a chance to incorporate some HIIT and take them on by storm.

Sit On An Exercise Ball

Say goodbye to your comfy office chair and get amongst a big exercise ball as your new seat of choice. Not only does this improve your posture and align your spine, it also encourages some more movement! Why just sit still when you could roll and bounce around on a huge ball? It’s fun and good for you, what is there not to love?!

Clean Your House

Move around in the comfort of your own home by cleaning! Just cleaning for half an hour can burn up to 150 calories which is almost double how much just walking burns. The best part about this little activity is that your post work out downtime sesh will be next-level relaxing and enjoyable in your immaculate surroundings!

Stand Up Every Commercial Break

It’s easy to forget that watching TV doesn’t only include entertainment but it also has us sitting for hours on end. Make an effort to stand up every commercial break and just walk around your lounge area. We can guarantee that the ad breaks seem to go by so much faster and you also don’t buy into the commercials that tempt you in to breaking the bank every damn time. Get healthy, active AND save money.

Drink Water

Drinking water is advice given by every health article we know but we couldn’t agree more. Have a glass of water at your desk and only fill it half-way. This means you’ll drink it faster and find yourself getting up and walking to the tap to refill it. The constant drinking will also get you running to the bathroom all day which just adds to your daily movement…it’s the little things that count, people.

Go And Get Your Lunch

Put down your phone and resist the urge to order lunch to be delivered to your doorstep. Step outside and walk to get your meal! Spending all day inside can drive the best of us a little bit crazy so take your lunch break as an opportunity to get some fresh air. The short walk will clear your mind and you now even have the option to dine in instead of getting it takeaway and it is no secret that food is always the best when it’s straight out of the kitchen.

Volunteer As Coffee Runner

Be the nice guy in the office and volunteer to do the daily morning coffee runs for your team members. This is just another way to add a little stroll to your daily routine and it also makes you a generous and kind person.

Spend ALL Night On The Dance Floor

Cut happy hour at the bar to just half an hour and spend the rest of the evening busting out your best moves on the dance floor. Depending on how much you get in to it, it can go from just a fun time to a full-on sweat session. Dancing is a form of exercise which you don’t even realise it’s a form of cardio which we all dread.

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