Heads Up: You Can Now Get Vegan Meals On Jetstar

By James Shackell
6th Dec 2017


Rejoice, vegans! Your pagan religion is taking to the skies.

Jetstar just dropped the news: they’re releasing a new vegan menu for international flights. And they’re doing it properly too. The airline consulted with PETA to develop the new menu and identify the most popular vegan products. The products turned out to be vegetables. Go figure...

Want a peak at the new menu? Open your tray table and get ready for Me Lees garden noodles, falafel, lentil and quinoa salad from SumuSalad and herb-marinated olive pouches (your guess is as good as ours).

The new animal-friendly dishes are available on all long-haul international flights, outbound from Aus, from 1 December (so basically right now). You can pre-order from home, or tap your flight attendant on the shoulder after take-off and make a scene. Whatever makes you comfortable.

PS. Jetstar will be rolling out vegan meals for domestic flights in February next year. 

The Details

When: From 1 December 2017
Where: Jetstar long-haul international flights, ex-Australia
For more info, click here.

Image credit: Rustic Vegan

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