7 Slow Lit Podcasts To Help You Get A Decent Night’s Sleep

By Jessica Pridmore
11th Jan 2019


Fun fact; we’ll sleep for a third of our lives. Granted, we’re all pretty clued up on why sleeping is so good for a happy, healthy head and heart, but it’s not just the hours you clock up it’s the quality of those eight hours that matters most.

If sleeping has become more chore than snore, it’s time you plugged in to switch off. Enter, slow lit podcasts; incredibly boring, entirely uninteresting audio bedtime stories that will have you counting zzz’s faster than you can put your PJs on.

These are the best slow lit podcasts to help you hit the hay.

Miette’s Bedtime Story

The digital equivalent of a warm cup of cocoa, Miette’s Bedtime Story podcast is the recital of the world’s best short fiction tales. Miette’s soothing voice will have you slipping into a deep sleep quicker than you can count sheep.


An OG allrounder, Headspace is the music-guided app if you want to clear your head of all that’s keeping you awake. With playlists on self-meditation, stress control and sleep training—yes, it’s a thing—it’s the ideal place to start if your lack of sleep derives from pesky daily stresses.

Sleep With Me

Creator Drew Ackerman spearheaded the slow-lit movement with his now famous Sleep With Me podcast. A literal snore fest, Ackerman’s dulcet tones have the ability to send even the most anxious sleeper into a blissful slumber.

The Auracle

2018’s breakout podcast movement, autonomous sensory meridian response (aka ASMR) is the tingling sensation some people feel when they hear a particular sound. While not technically a podcast to help you sleep, if you dig skin-tingling pre-recorded sounds then The Auracle is for you.

Game Of Drones

While the award-winning HBO series will have you on the edge of your sofa, Game of Drones will drift you gently to sleep. Each podcast is a thorough episode discussion, shamelessly waffling to help your brain switch off and send you into a blissful night’s rest.

Sleep Whispers

Another in the ASMR category, Sleep Whispers is literally just that; a collection of hushed ramblings and whispers designed to soothe the soul. Some find it creepy, others music to their ears. We say choose your poison and dose off.

Welcome To Nightvale

If True Crime podcasts are a daily must-listen for you, then Welcome To Nightvale is the bedtime equivalent of a creepy bedtime story. While a dose of the jitters doesn’t exactly sound relaxing, let alone sleep-inducing, host Cecil Baldwin’s soothing voice is guaranteed to guide you to a solid night’s kip.

These are all the streaming shows worth binging on this month.

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