Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Stranger Things Season Two

By Rachel Lay
25th Aug 2016

Stranger Things Season 2

Guys, don’t keep reading if you don’t want spoilers about season one. Duh. 

In case you haven’t heard the news yet, Stranger Things season two is a very real thing that’s definitely happening. Without getting too ahead of ourselves, we’ve also heard that there’s not just one, but many seasons in the works—so, holy shit.  

So obviously Billy is not fine and it was not happily ever after—this much we know. Here’s everything else we know, so pay attention:

  • Season two will probably be set a year after where season one left off. This means we get to watch them grow up and learn so many life lessons. Naww!
  • The characters will remain the same, unlike certain other TV shows that switched up the characters come season two—ahem, True Detective—, so Dustin will 100% be back.
  • There will be new characters. This makes us nervous: will we hate them? Will they be mean to our faves? Will they ever be able to fill Barb’s shoes?
  • The Duffer Brothers (the show’s creators) haven’t explicitly said Eleven is dead nor that she won’t be returning. Interesting. Very interesting.

That’s it, that’s all we know. Now to wildly speculate and work ourselves up until season two drops. Oh, and Netflix, if you’re reading this you better drop all the episodes at once. 

Image credit: Screenrant

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