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Keep Your Mind Moving With These 8 Hobbies You Can Take Up At Home

By Rick Stephens
26th Mar 2020

Adjusting to your new (and hopefully very temporary) lifestyle has no doubt taken some brainpower amid the concerns around the situation that we’re currently facing. While it’s important to keep abreast of what’s happening, it’s also important to switch off from the noise and find some time for ourselves. Which let’s be honest, we’re going to have a lot more of in the next while. So, rather than dwelling, why not put your time—and your mind—to use by taking up a hobby?


Okay, hear us out. We’re not suggesting you’re going to wake up the next Scorsese tomorrow, but most of you have a phone, and most of those phones have cameras. There are plenty of editing apps out there that have been designed for the average Joe; if you’re struggling for content, why not document your self-isolation for something to look back on in years to come? For some inspiration, check out the incredible work of mobile-filmmaker Andy To.

Videogaming and eSports

The ultimate time-killer. Get sucked in enough and you may even forget you’re in self-isolation. While we’re advocates of the whole ‘everything in moderation’ schtick, video games are great for building on your concentration, problem-solving skills and memory. And, if you spend enough time sharpening your skills, you could even make some cash through competing. 

Gardening Or Indoor Plants

Life in the slow lane ain’t so bad sometimes, and with the impending spare time ahead you’ll be able to give your garden the attention it's been yearning for. For the city-dwellers holed up in apartments, get your indoor plants sorted; we have a guide on how not to kill them here if you need a leg up, there are also a grip of plant subscription services out there like Bosque, Botanic Box and Hello Botanical.


There is a world of resources here right at your fingertips which is called the internet. Indeed, it’s trying times in terms of collecting ingredients, but it’s worth keeping in mind fresh food markets like Queen Victoria Market and South Melbourne Market are currently still operating. If you’re struggling for kitchen inspiration, get started with Tokyo Tina’s recipe for their smoked brisket ramen here.


Next time you step into a fellow millennials loungeroom (which admittedly might be a few months off), take a look and see if there’s a puzzle on its way to completion on the coffee table. What we’re getting at here is that puzzles are trending, and as with anything trending, there’s usually a subscription service. Say g’day to Puzzle Post, the personalised, monthly jigsaw 


Put that pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, whatever works for you. Have a crack at journaling for something to look back on in a few years time or get started on that sci-fi novel you’re mates are sick of hearing about. 

As it goes with the internet, there are plenty of free resources out there, one being Grammarly. While the name has as much stigma around it in the writing scene as Voldemort does in the Harry Potter chronicles, there’s actually a lot to take from it, like this article offering up food writing tips for anyone wanting to level up their captions when posting dinner pics.

Local writer copywriter Tait Ischia has also penned a how-to guide called Copywrong To Copywriter, which is an easy-to-follow read for anyone looking to tighten up their writing.


Did you know JK Rowling moonlights as a contemporary crime-fiction writer named Robert Galbraith? You’re welcome. We’re aware ‘reading’ makes it into lists like these regularly, but that’s because getting stuck into a good read is a truly wholesome way to pass the time. Whatever your vibe, there’ll be a book out there for you. We suggest jumping in the deep end with something like David Shrigley’s existential thought-starter How Are You Feeling? or anything by the aforementioned Galbraith if you’re after something lighter. 

Order online locally from the likes of Paperback Bookshop, Hill Of Content or Readings.


It would’ve been the number one trend in 2020 if we weren’t dealing with slightly more pressing issues, regardless, this is a hobby that’s easily taken up at home. Get a head-start and have everything sent to your door from the likes of Crockd; you’ll get clay, all the carving tools you’ll need and a set of instructions to get you going. 


Who needs a trends list. You do you. Find your catharsis in the ancient art of folding paper. The Youtube tutorials are in abundance which varies in skill level from beginner to origami czar. All you need is a piece of paper to get started, which can be found in multiple areas of the couch including the fridge. We suggest taking a free masterclass with origami legend Jo Nakashima.

Take a look at other ways to keep yourself occupied at our Things To Do section

Image credit: Unsplash | Annie Spratt 

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