Horoscopes | Your Co(s)mic Week Ahead

By Allira Sher
23rd Jul 2018


We meet again, cosmic pawns. Welcome back and congrats on making it through another chilly, miserable winter week. As usual, we’ve worked tirelessly with the universe, the solar system and mother nature to bring you your weekly predictions. Not surprisingly, they’re a bit miserable for a few of you…soz.

Buckle up. Here's what you're really in for this week. 


Curiosity killed the cat, Aquarius. It’s time to get your nose out of everyone else’s business and just worry about yourself. The more you tamper with relationships, the more people you'll freak out. Stop before it gets ugly. 


You’re a very selfless person, Pisces. It’s a wonderful thing. You seem to always be helping other people without expecting anything in return. There's some big wins coming for you this week. Big ups.


How god damn hard is it to find a job, Aries? It seems you need experience for a job but a job for experience…it’s an endless cycle of DOOM! Not to worry, the right thing will smack you in the face soon (probably not literally) and all this searching will be worth it. This week, we’re reminding you not to give up. Keep grindin’.  


Intuition is probably the most powerful thing a person can have, Taurus. And yours is stronger than most. When your gut tells you something, listen to it. This week it's saying, "Don't feed me dairy."


You’re a social little butterfly, Gem. Quick-witted, very out there and often suffer from serious cases of FOMO. This week you should fight all that and avoid the sesh. It’s a busy time of year and you have a lot going on at work. #DrUrbanList says tone it down a bit.


It seems like you’ve found love, Cancer. We’re not sure if it’s a person, a job or a place, but you’ve found something pretty special. Hold onto whatever it is. We think it will be a part of your life for a very long time.


You really do love the limelight don’t you, Leo? That’s fine sometimes, but lately your attention-seeking behaviour is really putting people off. Try being a wallflower for a few days, see how it feels. 


It’s in your nature to be shy, Virgo. That’s cool, we get it. But we want you to know it’s extremely important not to let your shyness get in the way of amazing opportunities. If you’re asked to speak in front of a crowd this week, say yes.


You’ve been a bit down in the dumps lately, Libra. You’re sick of giving everyone 110% and getting nothing in return. Our advice this week? Screw 'em. Focus on you, babes. You’re important too.


Stop stressing about money, Scorps. It’s tax season, and that means some sweet, sweet dosh is about to come your way. If you want that jacket, buy it. Try treating yourself without the impending guilt. You deserve it.


You’ve got the travel bug, Sag, that’s for sure. While you may be stuck at home for this miserable winter season, we see a big holiday coming your way with lots of Summer sun. Get saving!


You’ve shown great strength lately, Cap. We just want to say that we admire you. Keep on keeping on and let your light shine. When times are bad it can mean that better things are coming.

Image credit: Gabrielle Stjernqvist

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