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How Long Should You Keep Your Makeup For?

By Jessica Best
15th Nov 2016

Let’s face it, no one wants to strobe or bake with an old brush. If you’re anything like us, you live for beauty hacks. Thank you beauty gurus at Mecca Cosmetica for teaching us how to conquer that winged eyeliner erryday, but when was the last time you spring-cleaned your stash of cosmetics?

Expired make-up goods can mean skin irritations and eye infections if you don’t toss your old stuff out. A healthy makeup bag means healthy skin. And we are all for that.

Whether you’re a beauty blogger pro or still struggling with how to use primer, we teamed up with the always in the know folk at Mecca Cosmetica for some essential tips to keep your makeup fresh.

We’re all guilty of keeping these bad boys for much longer than we need (because we all have a holy grail product). But as soon as you notice clumps or weird smells, toss your mascara out. You do not  need an eye infection in your life. And major tip alert: stop sharing your mascara. Doing so earns you a one way ticket to spreading germs. No thanks.

If your foundation has separated into a gooping looking trifle (we’re all for layers in dessert but not in your makeup) or the colour has faded, it’s time to bid adieu to your liquid gold. As for your brushes and blenders…  for foundations sake, clean them! Foundation brushes need a good old lather up with brush shampoo or warm soapy water two times a week. Your sacred beauty blenders also need some soapy loving after each use (have a few on hand to rotate).

An obvious one, but still a common fail amongst most of us, old powders and shadows tend to show their age when they start getting dry and flaky. Plus, you need to keep your brushes clean.  A spray of brush cleaner on your powder/eyeshadow brushes will keep them bacteria free, leaving them nice and clean for most of the week. A shampoo once a week is enough to get rid of any build up and keep the hairs soft. 

To ensure your smackers always look flawless and juicy, watch the texture of your lipsticks. If you notice that your favourite ruby red or staple nude has gone a little dry on you… sorry, but it’s time you let them go. #RIP

Same deal with your glosses. We like silky smooth lips. We don’t like sticky lips practically glued together. That’s a no go.

If you douse yourself so hard in perfume you practically sweat the stuff, listen up. Perfumes that start to smell slightly different or have lightened in colour are well past their prime days. And if hoarding fragrances is kind of your jam, store your collectables in a cool and dark spot to make them last longer. Incoming science lesson- bright lights make perfume oxidise which changes their chemicals to smell musty.

A change in colour or smell is a dead giveaway for expired lotion. Grab yourself a bottle with a pump, rather than an open jar, which will help keep your lotions fresher for longer and less prone to yucky bacteria.

Some final wise words from our beauty experts...

Sharing Dos And Don’ts 

Share your beauty secrets not your products. If you have to share- keep a few disposable mascara wands and lip wands on hand and NO double dipping. 

Product Hoarders And Collectors

Keep your limited editions stored in a cool dry environment and only use clean brushes if you are using them. If in doubt, any products that have separated, changed colour or viscosity, or have an unpleasant odor… it’s time to let them go.

Design credit: Gabrielle Stjernqvist

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