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6 Tried And Tested Tricks To Beat Jet Lag From A Serial Traveller

By Olivia Arezzolo
20th Aug 2019

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Flying to Europe? Of course you are—we all eventually succumb to our burning desire to sip Aperol on the Amalfi (myself included). Before you go, heed this advice and learn how to subdue unwanted jet lag effects with six evidence-based strategies—because less time sleeping means more time by the pool bar!

#1 Reduce Anxiety With A Cuppa 

Suffer anxiety before or during your flight? If so, your sleep will suffer too, and those feelings of jet lag will be more pronounced than ever. Prepare accordingly with Anvil and Essence ‘Rest’ tea containing organic lavender, clinical trials demonstrate the ingredient reduces anxiety by 45%, making it ‘as effective as sleeping pills’ (sans the side effects). The botanical blend also contains passionflower and chamomile, studies show these two compounds also aid anxiety. Sip a cup before you leave and take some on board too.

#2 Minimise Cramps With Magnesium 

Academic research notes cramping as a major determinant of jet lag—driven by poor circulation, reduced mobility, dehydration, and a lack of magnesium. Coming to your rescue is Abundant Natural Health's Magnesium Gel, compounded with cucumber juice, the formula quickly penetrates your epithelium (skin) barrier, lessening cramping, which means you’ll sleep deeper and arrive with greater energy. Secondly, studies show magnesium also minimises pain: a factor which can otherwise disturb sleep and heighten jet lag sleepiness upon arrival. In short, magnesium = magic!

#3 Have A Solid Snooze Session With Hemp Seed Oil

Looking to reduce noise and light disturbance on the flight, which can accentuate adverse effects of jet lag? Take some Hemple Hemp Seed Oil. It’s essential fatty acids are converted to endocannabinoids—initiating and consolidating sleep, according to Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Review. Light sleep leads to moodiness, mental confusion and sleepiness, not exactly ideal for your holiday. Endocannabinoids also regulate the sleep-wake cycle hormones, which automatically suffer from a time zone shift, so you’ll wake up easier too.

#4 Up Your Nutrition With Black Seed Oil Capsules

Use nutrition to your advantage with Auki Black Seed Oil capsules containing the unique component thymoninone, it’s an absolute weapon against fatigue. Thymoninone is also a potent protector against oxidative stress, a natural consequence of flying; oxidative stress otherwise leads to jet lag induced cold and flu symptoms. Thymoninone also contains exceptionally high levels of B vitamins, nutrients underpinning energy. Unwanted side effects of jet lag? Not here!

#5 Mediate Blue Light Exposure With The Right Lenses

Want to feel wide awake during your flight and exhausted upon arrival? Allow yourself to be exposed to blue light via phones, laptops and excessively bright in-flight lighting and you can kiss goodbye a fresh start to your holiday. Research shows this spectrum of light inhibits the production of melatonin (hormones that make you sleepy), enhances feelings of anxiety and alertness via (stress hormone) cortisol, thus magnifying jet lag. Before you depart, pick up some Carl Zeiss lenses with DuraVision Blue Protect. They can be fitted into frames of your choice, so you can still look cool while combatting jet leg.  

#6 Soothe Jet-Lag Induced Gut Disturbance With A Probiotic

Academic journal Frontiers of Psychiatry highlights jet lag disturbs the microbiome, increasing tiredness upon arrival, plus impairing absorption of key compounds such as tryptophan required for normal sleep. Be protective of your delicate gut and take Medlab Clinical Enbiotic. With four different species of good bacteria totalling 8.75 billion CFU (colony forming units), it’s a powerful ally for intestinal functionality, particularly in the face of flying. The supplement also contains digestive enzymes to optimise carbohydrates, proteins and fats breakdown—improving overall feelings of wellbeing whilst on holiday too. Happy days!

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