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Put The Scissors Down, Here’s How To Maintain Your Locks At Home

By Ranyhyn Laine
11th May 2020

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We’ve been in lockdown for just over seven weeks now, and some of us are probably well overdue for a visit to the hairdresser. But while many salons remain open with physical distancing and extra hygiene measure in place, you might be disinclined to go back to your usual monthly salon visits—whether because of limited opening hours, concerns over the potential of exposure to COVID-19 or because you really just don’t have anywhere to show off your luscious locks, so why bother? 

Well, before you decide to pick up the scissors or worse, a box colour, and give yourself a makeover, here’s a few tips from a professional on how to keep your hair looking and feeling it’s best in iso. We asked Jaye Edwards, Founder and Director of Edwards And Co (not to mention expert colourist) for tips on everything we should and shouldn’t be doing between salon visits until lockdown is lifted (and maybe even beyond).

How can we maintain our hair colour between visits?

Coloured hair or highlights will naturally become less radiant over time, and even natural hair can also look dull and lack shine, particularly now that many of us aren’t able to head into salons. Products such as Christophe Robin Shade Variation masks are tailored for either brunettes, blondes or copper shades and help neutralise tones and restore pure, radiant and defined highlights. These products are a great way to redensify and boost colour that has become transparent by slowly adding natural and radiant pigment between salon visits. 

If you are struggling with regrowths or greys, Jaye suggests using products like the Kevin Murphy spray as a quick fix to keep you going for now. If you really must restore your colour, but can’t get to the salon, some, like Edwards And Co, are offering customised, professional home colour kits to existing clients (so they have your colour on file). Check out their IGTV series, The Lockdown With Edwards And Co, for step-by-step videos on colour touch ups, tips and a few laughs. 

Should we be doing any hair treatments at home? 

Jaye recommends Redken PH bond builder to help repair damage and prevent breakage. But his all time favourite mask is Virtue’s Restorative Treatment Mask, and their split ends serum is, in his words, “AMAZING!” Jaye also says “I would suggest using bond builders once per week and hair masks once every fortnight. Anymore than this is a waste of product, as your hair won’t be absorbing it.”

What should we not be doing at home? 

Put down the kitchen scissors! The dull, blunt edges could potentially give you even more split ends, plus who knows what those scissors might have been cutting before your hair. Rather than attempting to cut your own hair, Jaye suggests taking this time to try different styles, use hot tools to create waves or a super sleek look, or even try some updos that can get you buy until your next cut. You might discover the new you...

Box dye kits may seem like a good idea, particularly in these financially uncertain times, but keep in mind they could end up costing you a lot more in the long run. Colours develop differently on different hair types and only a professional can determine which product you should choose to deliver your desired results, as well as how much dye to use and how long to let it process. Don’t be one of those #fail stories with too dark, damaged or canary yellow hair from boxed bleach.

What should we do for hair that’s suffering in iso?

You need to know your hair type, this determines a lot about your daily styling routine, as well as what products you should be using. For example, a lot of people believe they have fine, oily hair, when in reality, it’s the products they are using making their hair oily and therefore much harder to manage. 

When you have talked to your hairdresser (in person or virtually) and established your hair type, you can invest in products that will compliment and enhance it. For those with fine hair, Jaye recommends products like Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumizing Paste, applied to wet roots before conditioning to bring instant volume to roots and density down the length. For thick and frizzy hair, try a Kevin.Murphy Smooth.Again treatment, applied to towel dried hair to help eliminate frizz, leaving you with smoother, silkier and more manageable hair. 

If you need a little extra TLC, Edwards And Co have put together prescriptive style Lockdown Care Packages, aimed at addressing key areas of concern that you can focus on correcting while you’re at home more, using this time to learn how to work with your hair type and embrace your natural texture. Time to emerge from iso with the glorious hair you always dreamed of, we say. 

Once you’ve sorted your hair, give yourself a salon-worthy home facial with these tips.

Image credit: Robert Andall

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