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How To Look After Your Skin In Your 20s

By Bree Nowland
12th Nov 2017


PSA for all you 20 year olds who think investing in skincare is ridiculous—your body actually stops producing collagen once you hit 25. Which means you’re never going to look as young (naturally) as you do right now. We’ll just let that sink in. 

We asked one of Australia’s leading dermatologists, Dr. Natasha Cook, just how we should go about maintaining our youthful glow. So here you have it, six skincare commandments for perfect skin in your 20s. Everything we need to be doing (and everything we need to be avoiding) for picture perfect, filter-free skin.  

So unless you’ve found the fountain of youth at the end of your Prosecco rainbow (please send directions STAT), you’ll want to keep reading.

skin in your 20s

Commandment 1: Do Not Strip Your Skin!

Start with a good cleanser. Dr. Cook tells us to always use a cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin of all its natural moisturising factors. These natural factors help support your skin’s barrier, to minimise sensitivity and inflammation. Stay away from harsh, gritty scrubs and start using AHAs and BHAs (acids usually found in serums, gels and certain cleansers) in your twenties to remove dead skin cells and keep your skin looking fresh and radiant. 

Commandment 3: Don’t Fear Prevention

As far as Dr. Cook is concerned, most 20 year olds don’t need injectables, though our skin guru is a very firm believer in early prevention. At the end of the day though, early intervention is prevention, so when you start seeing creasing in the skin, consider a very low dose of Botox to prevent getting permanent lines.

skin in your 20s

Commandment 2: Stay OUT Of The Sun

Pigmentation and ageing prevention is about two things, protection and Vitamin B3. Together these work to boost natural protection against environmental damage. The motto here? Fake it, don’t bake it because the sun is the single biggest cause of ageing. You’ll see all the damage you’re causing RN in 20 years time (and it won’t be pretty). Also invest in some Vitamin B3, like the kind found in Dr. Natasha Cooks’ Concentrated Illuminator Lightening and Brightening Serum, it’s super rich in Vitamin B3 so you’ll be good to glow (see what we did there?).

Commandment 4: Make Products With Cell Renewing Ingredients Your BFF

Keep your skin looking fresh, radiant and ensure new skin cells are consistently being turned over to maintain collagen and elastin in the skin. Use AHAs daily to prolong that 20-something year old glow for as long as possible. One of the best on the market? Dr. Natasha Cooks’ Concentrated Clarifier Cell Renewing Serum promises to boost your skin’s metabolism and promote new cell production, all whilst removing dead skin cells and stimulating collagen.


Commandment 5: Time To Try An Anti-Inflammatory Diet

We all love a cheat meal. You know what we mean, that #YOLO slice (box) of pizza on Fri-YAY. But have you ever noticed that your skin breaks out the Monday after you’ve eaten rubbish all weekend? Dr. Cook tells us to try and eat lots and lots of vegetables and good fats, oh yeah, and to avoid sugar (or at least try). Think tomatoes, kale, broccoli, olive oil, avocados, fish, organic chicken and pasture-fed meat once a week to help keep your DNA young.

Commandment 6: Spend Your Money On Serums (The Ones That Really Work)

Award-winning skincare educator, wellness practitioner, Chinese herbalist and mastermind behind Danne Montague King in Australia (the skincare brand behind the likes of supermodels and Miss Universe contestants) tells us to invest in serums in your 20s. Her pick if you could only choose two? An excellent Vitamin C to brighten skin-tone and revise fine lines coupled with a serum that contains Beta Glucan, such as DMK’s Beta Gel, a serum that fights acne, calms skin, fights free radicals and strengthens the skin’s immune system.

Now that your skin is shining on the outside, read up on all the beauty products we’re eating right now.

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