Unlock Your Creativity With These Easy Ways To Make Your Own App

By Jessica Best
23rd Nov 2020

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We can’t all be the next Steve Jobs but we can make the next big app.

If you’re keen to unleash your creativity in a big way, app making could very much be for you. Whether you’re passionate about creating the next Candy Crush Saga or you’ve had a lightbulb moment and want to gamify the dating world one app at a time, we’ve gone and found the best tools to help you make those dreams a reality.

Here’s how to create an app.

Use App Wireframing And Mock-Up Tools To Start

Balsamiq Cloud

Like most creative endeavours in life, creating a mobile app requires some pre-planning, brainstorming and workshopping. Much like shooting a movie, you’re going to want to have a pretty clear visual plan on how things are meant to look. In the world of creating an app from scratch, this means starting out with some ace mobile app wireframing or mock up tools.

App wireframing is basically the app-making equivalent of having a blueprint for a house. It’s a 2D outline of the structural elements of the app or a webpage—the foundations before any visual design or content is included. Balsamiq is a web-based user interface design tool used for creating app wireframes or mockups. There are a heap of UI templates you can use to generate digital sketches of your app idea when it's in its initial stages.

Try Out These App Makers


AppYourself is one of the best app makers out there from start to finish and requires little to no coding skills (win). You can quite literally design any kind of app on this platform including appointment apps, delivery apps, loyalty program apps, table reservation apps, non-profit apps, restaurant apps and service apps. There are about 30 modules to help you design your own app for free but if you want to see your creation through, you’ll have to pay for App Yourself’s basic plan.


Swiftic is a dedicated iPhone and Android app maker. It’s one of the best DIY app builders around because it’s one of the easiest to use. On signing in, you’ll get to choose a focus for your app which look like e-commerce, clothing or fashion, food, beauty, fitness, professional services or even fitness. Swiftic then spits out a mock interface which can then customise yourself pending on what features you want. Then pick a type of style and navigation for your app (the templates are endless) and you’re good to be the next Bill Gates.

Mobile Roadie

If you have a vision of creating a next-level mobile app with AR, interactive features, in-app purchases—the works, then draw your attention to Mobile Roadie. You’ll be able to build your own app with Mobile Roadie’s slick pre-made themes (with different layouts and navigation buttons), customisable fonts and then continue to manage the app and track analytics through Mobile Roadies “Management Suite”.


All in for creating an app without coding? Say hello to GoodBarber. This app builder will have you brainstorming, designing and creating in no time. Pick a name for your app and then choose what category your app fits in—education, health, sport, events, podcasts are just some of the options you can go for. You’ll be able to go HAM on designing your app logo, a splash screen, the contents within the app. GoodBarber also has a full suite of video tutorials to help you navigate the creative process including how to broadcast sounds, add videos, add a search section, get user-generated content and even add a QR code reader.

Appie Pie

Appie Pie is a super, super easy app builder. With this platform, you can choose from all the usual suspects on the app category front but you’ll also have additional options to choose from like dating. Appie Pie gives you a pretty handy streamlined process of building your app so the first step is choosing a preferred colour scheme. Once you’ve done this, choose whether you want to test your app on an Android or iPhone and then it’s time to customise your app. Appie Pie also offers up an interactive simulator of your app so you can also scope a preview of changes you make.

Submit Your App To The App Store Or Google Play

App Store | iOS

Before you send your app to the app store to be reviewed, make sure you check out Apple’s app guidelines here. Apps will only be reviewed based on a number of technical, content and design factors and you’ll also need to make sure your app’s name, icon, description, screenshots and keywords are ready for the product page. To publish an app, check Apple’s overview here.

Google Play | Android

For Android users, you’ll want to open “Play Console”, select “all apps” and then “create app”. You’ll have to fill out a number of details about the app (like whether its an app or a game, free or paid) and then prepare your app for review. You can scope the full rundown here.

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Image credit: Priscilla Du Preez

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