Look Sharp And Earn Dollars, Here’s How To Buy And Sell On Depop

By Sammy Preston
23rd Sep 2020

Depop Australia sellers.

Let’s get straight down to it. Depop has totally blown up in the last few years—the hyped resale platform came into the world with perfect timing, offering a simple, fun way to shop and sell your stuff, heroing circularity and sustainability at a time when fashion needed simple, scalable solutions of this ilk to front the ceaseless tide of fast fashion.

Basically, it’s simultaneously the way cooler younger sibling of Ebay, and the treasure trove thrift store you love to rummage through—and we love it.

More than just a spot for cool Gen Zers to swap their cool sneakers, Depop is a champion of the direct-to-consumer format and the rising, rising trend of DIY fashion. Big-time designers like Rodarte and Anna Sui have also set-up shop on the platform, and more and more fashion brands are leaning in, looking for creative ways to clear excess inventory and connect with a more grassroots, accessible approach to style.

If you’ve been considering taking the Depop plunge—maybe you cleaned out your closet seven times during lockdown, maybe you’re just a vintage villain looking for their next great find—we’ve got you covered here with some expert tips on both how to make money on Depop, and how to find cool shit on Depop.

To help you out, we went behind the scenes and quizzed Depop Australia Country Manager, Aria Wigneswaran for her top tips on selling, and Depop Australia Curator Dara Petlueng for her guide to buying. Ready to dive in? Here we go. 

How To Make Money On Depop

According to Depop Australia Country Manager, Aria Wigneswaran

Know Your Stuff

If you are new to selling it’s really simple to get started. Focus on what you are selling—your inventory. Are you selling items from your closet? Are you thrifting? Are you sourcing? Once you hone in on what you are selling, you can begin to start identifying your style, creativity, and brand.

Plus, do your research: learn from patterns and trends on the Explore page. Curation is always keeping an eye on the hottest trends and styles. See what has likes and what doesn't have likes. Check out what other people are using as hashtags and learn what works best.

Take Good Photos And Lots of 'Em

When taking photos of your items, make sure to include a mix of photos from different angles and in good lighting. We encourage sellers to take photos wearing the item, and make sure to take pictures of any natural imperfections so the buyer can know what to expect. The more images the better, and you can even include a video so buyers can see the item in motion. 

Provide All The Details

Write a detailed description explaining why buyers should see this as a one of a kind item. Make sure you have clean and descriptive listings—provide sizing, measurements, price, brand, use, common search phrases or keywords, and add your style and voice to it!

Also, do your research on the best prices for your item. There’s no one way to price your items on Depop—lots of different factors can play a role in the price you eventually land on. It can depend on things like the kind of items you sell, how you source or produce them, and what the demand for them is like.

Add Customer Service—And (Sustainable) Confetti!

We also recommend providing great customer service to your buyers! If you give them a great experience like details in listings, respond quickly to their DMs, package your items nicely (maybe adding in a card or confetti!), good shipping practices and times, and following up with your buyer—your buyer will most likely be happy and will hopefully leave a great 5-star review! 

Be In The Community

Be social and active. Depop is a social platform so it’s easy to build relationships and a following fast by engaging, connecting and supporting the wider community in-app. 

How To Shop On Depop

According to Depop Australia Curator Dara Petlueng

Settle In, Have A Look Around

Once you’ve created a Depop account, start shopping by using our Explore page, which gives you the option to meet a selection of Australia’s best sellers through our Meet the Sellers bubbles. You can also view a selection of top Australian sellers by theme and by trend, for instance, Modern Thrift or Retro.

And below in our Things We Love section, we showcase the best and latest trends popping up across Depop as curated by our in-house global curation team (me!) who spends all of their time scouring Depop for the coolest items and trends so you don’t have to.

Make It Your Own 

Depop has been designed to create a shopping experience that is easy. The more you engage with the app, the more personalised your experience will be! Liking items you see on the explore page or on your feed, following shops that align with your personal styles and needs and curating your own collection using our collections feature—there are many different ways to make it yours!

Slide Into Seller DMs

Shop smart. Before making a purchase, always check a user’s reviews to ensure they have a positive and reliable track record. If you have any questions on the condition of the item, measurements, or design—make use of the message function and get in touch directly with the seller so you can be confident in your purchase. 

Practice Safe Shopping  

Always make your purchase using the in-app buy button so you are covered by Depop’s protection. Never pay for an item via bank transfer, direct Paypal payments, cash payments in person, or other out of app methods—not only is this unsafe, but your purchases will not be protected. 

Track And Trace 

Always ask the seller to ship the item with tracked delivery so you know when to expect your item and can flaunt your new fits!

Now you're all set, you can download Depop right here

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Image credit: Depop Australia

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