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Rise And Brine With This Step By Step Guide On How To Pickle

By Mathew Trenear
1st Mar 2020

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While we all love a quick supermarket run to stock up on life’s essentials (pickles), it’s actually way easier to pickle your own raw vegetables at home than you may think.

Sometimes all you need is a little inpso and before you know it you will be pickling the entire contents of your fridge. From the classic pickled cucumber, all the way to spicy Japanese pickled carrots, the possibilities are (pretty much) endless and 100% damn delicious.

Pickling is a hobby no longer just reserved for your Grandma. It’s time for you to put down the jar and start adulting like a boss. All you need to do is follow our step by step instructions for some fool proof pickles so you can humbly brag to all of your mates.

Step One: Prepare Your Veggies

When it comes to selecting your veggies for pickling, you can choose pretty much anything you’d like. Pick from the classics like cucumbers, onions and ginger, or try your luck at some more adventurous pickles with watermelon rind, pears or citrus. Whatever you choose, make sure it is the best quality you can get your paws on, this friends is super important.

Chop, peel, grate or slice your veggies into whatever sizes you’d like, this is completely up to you guys.

Step Two: Add The Veggies To Your Jars

Chuck the little suckers into a few glass mason jars, making sure there is still enough room for the pickling liquid to get all amongst those veggies.

Step Three: What's Your Flavour? Make It Tasty

This is where it gets fun. When you’re making your own freshly pickled vegetables like the boss that you are, you have the option to keep it #basic with a simple pickling liquid (known as the brine FYI), or you can add all sorts of sweet and spicy aromatics to take them to the next level.

The typical spices used in pickling included the likes of garlic, onion, peppercorns and red pepper flakes. But you can take it all the way with spices like cinnamon, mustard seeds and star anise. Experiment with your faves until you reach the perfect combo.

Step Four: Make Your Brine

For the brine, you’ll want to mix together:

  • 3 Cups Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 3 Cups Water
  • Salt
  • Sugar

Bring this to the boil, along with any spices you chose to include, and bam—you have yourself a super quick and easy pickling liquid.

Step Five: Fill Up Your Pickling Jars

Pour your brine into the vegetable filled jars, making sure every last little bit of your veggies is covered, then seal ‘em up.

Step Six: Pop Your Pickling Jars In The Fridge

Put your pickle jars in the fridge and for the best results, leave them for at least ten days. This is probably the most heart-breaking step of them all. Just knowing you have all of those pickles waiting for you, but that you can’t even eat them yet. Trust us guys, this only makes them tastier.

Step Seven: Enjoy!

You’ve done it! You have officially faked being a grown up and made your own freakin’ pickles. Now, get yourself some bread, cured meats and a selection of cheeses for an awesome meal you will probably be having for the next 9 days straight (and we don’t blame you one single bit).

Need some more inspo? Here are three pickle recipes to get you started.

Design credit: Sarah Law 

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