Netflix Just Dropped The Release Date For Dirty John

By Jessica Best - 16 Jan 2019

Netflix's new Dirty John trailer has just dropped and we’re already locking our doors, keeping our wits about us and doing background checks on everyone we know.
If you thought it was physically impossible to be shit-scared of a TV show in the pipeline, think again. This trailer is truly something else. Eric Bana’s obsessive character has never been so clear (this teaser gave us a small snippet of how hardcore he would be) and Connie Britton’s denial of their extreme relationship is bound to frustrate you to no end.
The pair play two lovers, Debra Newell and John Meehan, and their relationship is wrapped in a whole heap of bizarre love and deceit. The story ultimately tales a man with a history of relationships so abusive and just plain gross he gets the aptly name of ‘Dirty John’.

If you’ve been keeping up to date with life, you’ll know the worst part of all this is the fact it’s all based on true events. This TV show originated in the podcast world as, you guessed it, Dirty John and yeah, it was donned the new Serial of the year.
Its release date has been confirmed as Valentine's Day so that means start plotting this one in your calendars, February 14 will call for the ultimate binge.

And here's a bunch of slow lit podcasts to help you get to sleep.​

Image credit: Dirty John trailer

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