Keep Your Coin, Here’s How to Save on Entertainment Costs

By Emma Edwards
25th Feb 2020

If your 2020 plan is to get on top of your finances, you’re probably trying your hand at this budgeting thing. You know the drill: money comes in, you pay your bills, put some to savings, and the rest is yours for the spending. But what about when that leftover figure looks even bleaker than your Monday desk lunch? Here’s how to squeeze every last buck out of that entertainment budget.

Cycle Or Share Your Subscriptions

Staying in watching TV is one of the best ways to entertain on a budget, but when your fave crime docos are on Netflix, The Bold Type is on Stan and your guilty reality pleasures are scattered across Hayu, it can become a pricey habit. 

Try cycling your subscriptions and taking advantage of the absence of joining/cancellation fees. When your fave series ends, cancel your streaming subscription and reactivate it when you’re ready to watch again. The same goes for traveling. If you won’t be watching, make sure you’re not paying. 

Alternatively, gather your squad and sign up for the multi-user subscriptions—they’re only a few dollars extra a month. Split the costs between you, and create logins on each platform for each person. 

We crunched the numbers

Netflix 4-screen HD subscription—$5 pppm (between four)
Spotify Family membership—$3 pppm (between six)
Stan 4-Screen HD subscription—$4.25 pppm (between four)

Save Money On Eating Out

Our generation loves to eat out, but a dumpling date here and a hot pot hang there can add up.
Save money on eating out by implementing these easy hacks:
● Beware of sunday/public holiday surcharges to avoid paying 20% extra
● Check for specials with your phone and internet provider. Optus Perks can get you free starters at some of your fave restaurants.
● Sign up to discount booking sites like EatClub and The Fork. Book at the right time and you could score up to 50% off your food bill. Or grab an Urban Feast card here

Save On The Movies

There are tons of reward schemes in Australia that’ll get you cheap movie tickets. From Flybuys and AIA Vitality rewards, to Optus Perks and Telstra Extras, you can snag tix to the flicks for less. Pass the popcorn!

Set A Budget

No matter how savvy you are with these handy entertainment savings hacks, it still pays to set a budget and keep your leisure spending in check. By allocating a set amount to ‘fun spending’, you can keep on top of your cash and live your best life without breaking the bank.

Now you’re a discount streaming sleuth, here’s everything worth bingeing on Stan this season.

Emma is a finance blogger at The Broke Generation and a reformed spendaholic. Emma shares hot tips on saving, property, tax, career and investing for millennials who want to break the spending cycle and get on top of their money. 

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