Get Your Sexy Slasher Fix, The Writers Of Gossip Girl Are Rebooting I Know What You Did Last Summer

By Rick Stephens
22nd Oct 2020

The actors from I Know What You Did Last Summer in a car, covered in blood.

Remember that ridiculous, sexy slasher from the late 90s called I Know What You Did Last Summer? The one with all those stupid-good looking celebrity crushes like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe? Well, it’s getting an equally sexy reboot, returning from the pile of ex-rental DVDs it came from as a TV series. 

For those who need a refresh on the plotline of the original film—which was actually adapted from a novel from the 70s called The Fisherman—you’ve got four teenagers who find themselves in a fatal car accident, killing one of their friends, after graduation night. 

Like many frustrating plotlines from the 90s, they make an ill-thought-out call to throw the body into the ocean. Then, exactly one year later, an ominous, hook-wielding fisherman arrives to torment the unknowing teens—not good.

While the cast is yet to be announced, the reboot has several big names which will ensure an equal amount of teen drama and horror alike. First up, you have Gossip Girl’s writer Sara Goodman on script duties, while the creator of the Saw franchise, James Wan, will produce and direct the show.

With the world currently dealing with its own version of horror—albeit far less sexy—production of the show has been delayed and a 2021 release is expected. Behind it all is mega-company Amazon, so sexy-slasher fans can expect this to arrive on Prime Video.

In the meantime, find out the latest on The Craft reboot here.

Image credit: Columbia Pictures

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