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I Tested All The Crazy Uses For Coconut Oil And This Is What Happened

By Rachel Stevenson
3rd Aug 2016

Just about everyone these days seems to raving about the benefits of coconut oil. Not only as a healthy replacement for other cooking oils, but as a versatile beauty product, replacing everything from conditioner to shaving foam. 

But does it actually work for anything other than cooking we hear you cry? Here at The Urban List, we're pretty curious about these things, so that's why I took one for the team and road tested all the crazy beauty uses that the internet suggests for coconut oil. 

Spoiler: There were a few tears, and a few triumphs. Here's how I got on...



First up I needed to dig out an unopened jar of coconut oil (presumably I'd bought this on one of those 'health sprees' that set me back $200 at About Life) from the back of my kitchen cupboard. Armed with my jar, I hopped into the bath to start my “research”. Once in the bath, I realised I hadn't thought about how this was meant to be applied. 

Having not actually known what coconut oil looked like until about five seconds before, I was slightly confused. So, I grabbed a few handfuls and rubbed it between my hands and thankfully it created a liquid. So far, so good. I then slapped the liquid all over my legs and set about shaving. 

Verdict: Excellent! I love this. I never use a shaving foam so I'm not fully sure how good they are usually, but this made the razor glide smoothly over my legs (usually I'm lucky to get away with under three cuts when shaving). And bonus, my legs were super silky and moisturised afterwards. Dream. 

Rating: 5/5



Now, I love my hair so it was with much trepidation that I rubbed in a fair few handfuls of coconut oil into it. My first reaction was: This is great. My hair smells like a coconut and it's really soft. Lovely. 

It was only after trying to dry it, ready for a night out that I realised this was not good. My hair was beyond greasy and had begun to stick together in clumps. Not the look I was going for. After deciding to get back in the shower and rinse it with shampoo a few times (I thought this might have been a step I'd missed) I was beyond saddened to realise this stuff was not coming out. Cue a huge looks-based, pre night out meltdown, resulting in me refusing to leave the house with this slicked back monstrosity on my head. The next 20 minutes were a low point for me in which I had to wash my hair with washing up liquid. I repeat, WASHING UP LIQUID, as it was the only thing I could think that was going to strip the oil out of my hair. 

Verdict: Safe to say, I won't be trying this again. 

Rating: 0/5



After the previous hair disaster I was more than dubious about this one, but in the name of beauty I gave it a whirl. This time I rubbed a miniscule amount of the oil into my palms and very gently smoothed down any frizzy ends or fly away hairs. This actually worked initially but wore off fairly soon. In hindsight I should have probably used more, but after the previous night’s disaster I was reluctant. 

Verdict: I don't think I'll be swapping my usual hair oil for this makeshift alternative. 

Rating: 1/5



Aside from the initial inconvenience involved with scraping the oil out of the jar and rubbing it into my hands before applying, this worked amazingly leaving me with super silky legs that smelt like coconut. If anyone ever actually smelled my legs, this would obviously be great. Win! 

Verdict: Would definitely use this again if my moisturiser ever happened to run out. 

Rating 3/5



With winter in full swing (eugh) I'm constantly applying lip balm, but probably not enough to warrant carrying around a whole jar of coconut oil. However, this was definitely my favourite of the beauty uses that I trialled. It left my lips super soft and tasted yum too. 

Verdict: Great! But must find small container to transport it in. 

Rating: 3/5



I mean, I don't ever pay much attention to my cuticles, so hard to say how much this actually worked but, on the plus side, my hands smelt like coconut (funny that). 

Verdict: Think this one's a winner but, to be honest, I probably won't keep this routine up. 

Rating: 2/5



After researching online, apparently coconut oil makes the perfect substitute for expensive eye creams (who knew?). So, I tried this one out for a few nights to see what all the fuss was about. It went on quite nicely initially but I didn't really like the heaviness of it. 

Verdict: This felt like it was working, leaving my under-eyes soft but whether it's a match for the usual eye creams? Only time will tell. 

Rating: 3/5



This worked like a dream! As you can imagine, it left my skin smelling and feeling great. In hindsight I should have washed this off before bed (rookie mistake) as it left my sheets and clothes a bit sticky. Yuck. 

Verdict: Shower more. 

Rating: 4/5



Many articles online (and if it's online it must be true!) said that coconut oil was a great way to remove makeup quickly. So, armed with a cotton pad and my trusty jar of oil, I tried to take off last night’s make up with erm, patchy results. It took me a lot longer than usual to rub off any of my mascara and honestly, a lot was left on my face. 

Verdict: Definitely sticking to my usual products. Ain't no one got time to be taking 20 minutes to remove makeup before bed after a big night out! 

Rating: 1/5


Overall verdict

Umm. So, whilst this was fun and I'd definitely use coconut oil for a few things if my usual products were ever to run out but honestly? I'm not sure coconut oil is all it's hyped up to be. Overall rating: 2/5

Image credit: The Urban List

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