I Tried The Kylie Jenner Lip Kit | The Verdict

By Zoe Kirby
20th Jul 2016

Now I will admit, I am a self-professed Kardashian/Jenner lover, shamelessly may I add (for all the haters). So naturally, when Kylie Jenner released her own lip kits, I was intrigued.

I mean this was the 14-year-old lip-less celebrity, who now has bigger, better, more voluptuous lips than anyone I know. How could I not at least try her lip kit out?

So now I was faced with the overwhelming decision of which colour to choose. They all just looked too good on her daily snaps, so I narrowed it down to two, the classic Dolce K and the Heir lip kit from her metal range. Here’s how it played out!

Lip Colour #1 Dolce K

It took me a while but I finally decided on the shade Dolce K. But everyone needs the perfect nude right?


Dolce K is surprisingly fabulous. When it arrived I was slightly concerned as it looked a lot darker than I would usually like. But, it unexpectedly it lived up to Dolce’s Italian meaning: being the sweetest colour I’ve ever put on my lips.


The liner was perfectly pigmented and smooth to apply. The lipstick on the other hand, had a paint-like feel, which was totally weird at first. But, as it dried it felt as though I wasn’t wearing anything – which is great for a matte lipstick. Much to my disappointment though, with time it did feel a bit drying.


I went to all lengths to test this for you as I know it’s the deal or no deal for most lipstick purchases. So I can confirm that this lipstick withholds general lip-licking, drinking and even eating. Top-up every two to three hours to avoid a patchy look though.

Lip Colour #2 Heir

Seeing as the frosted look is apparently back in lip-fashion, Kylie’s Heir was the next in the shopping cart. Being the lightest metal shade, I thought this would be more suitable than the others, as my skin tone can’t exactly compare to King Kylie’s consistently fake-tanned skin.


Perfect! The best way to describe it would be a light shade of rose-gold, perfect for blondes. My lips had a matte and metal look all at the same time, which sounds wrong, but it was oh-so-right.


By now I had established one negative – I wouldn’t recommend using the kits when you have dry lips. It doesn’t sit very well when they’re chapped; looking a little like you’ve attempted to paint your lips with white-out. This might be a problem for a lot of us at the moment, being the middle of winter and all, but slap on the Carmex before bed and you’ll be ready to take Heir off the lip kit throne tomorrow.


Assuming that Kylie J uses the same formula for all her lip products, it was no surprise that the longevity was similar to that of Dolce K. I was topping up more though, due to the lack of liner I was wearing.

The Verdict?

 Love the colours, love the longevity and the feel was better than average; however, I wouldn’t wear the lip kit when your lips are chapped because it is a little drying. But overall, I say, bite the bullet and nab yourselves a lip kit in the next release. It may not transform into Kylie J, but it’s still a pretty fabulous purchase compared to anything else on the market.

Image credit: Pinterest

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