Find Your Inner Happiness With These Mood Shifting Journals And Cards

By Lillian Curthoys
23rd Sep 2020

A woman in bed with a cofffee, writing in a journal

Your mental health is always as important as your physical health, but currently, with all the wild goings on in the world, our mental wellbeing is arguably more important than ever. However, if you’re finding it harder than usual to keep a positive outlook on things, and get the good moods flowing, daily journaling or a set of positivity cards might just help you get back to the brighter side of life—which is where Perth-based Insite Mind can help. 

The creator of a range of mood shifting stationary and gift packs, Insite Mind’s founder Alisa Pettit also runs life coaching and personal development workshops, helping people to reset their mindsets and think positively—achieving happiness and satisfaction from within, rather than external forces. If you’re struggling with motivation, focus, positivity or inspiration, one of their journals or positivity cards might just help you live your best life that little bit happier. 

Mindset Reset Journal

With 130 pages of exercises, lessons, reflections and free journaling spaces, the Mindset Reset Workbook and Journal helps to focus, reset and increase the self- awareness of your mind. If you’re wanting to focus on your goals, or change unhealthy habits, this journal is perfect for streamlining your approach and keeping you on track. 

Oh Happy Day Cards 

With a card for every day of the year, the Oh Happy Day Cards are perfect for beginning your day with a new, positive thought that can guide your mind. The set comes with a gorgeous display stand that you can put in your home or office, and the daily cards help to build a routine of positive thinking. 

Grateful Daily Journal 

Forging a daily practice can be one of the hardest things to do, with so many life distractions getting in the way. The Grateful Daily Journal helps to create a pattern of daily gratitude, with a hardcover, 150 page journal full of positive prompts. Start your day of right by reflecting on something you’re grateful for, or use it before bed for a pre-sleep ritual. 

Clear Vision Box 

Perfect for creating the ultimate life/mood board, the Clear Vision Box has everything you need to create direction for your inspiration and maintain your motivation. Full of magnets, pins, coloured paper, goal cards and motivational quotes, it will make it easy to create a good-looking vision board that will have you ready to kick those goals and achieve your vision.

Move Your Mood Workbook 

If you’re wanting to become emotionally intelligent, as well as learn self-awareness and self-management techniques, the Move Your Mood Workbook and Journal will become your emotional carbon sink. Full of practical exercises and emotional strategies, the journal helps you get off the emotional roller coaster and be in charge of your feelings, not the other way around. 

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