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Hit Up Your Travel Buddy, Jetstar Could Soon Be Slinging $20 Domestic Flights

By Morgan Reardon
6th May 2020

a birds eye view of a sydney beach, with waves crashing onto the sand.

There’s no denying it, COVID-19 has seriously stuffed up our travel plans for 2020. And while we know lockdowns are a necessary part of protecting our health, it doesn’t mean that we're not a little bit devastated to see our holiday plans cancelled. 

But there is (finally) some good travel news on the horizon with Jetstar potentially slinging flights that will see you still have change from a $20 note. 

According to Qantas CEO Alan Joyce, the airline’s budget friendly arm Jetstar could slash the price of the Sydney to Melbourne route to as little as $19 one way. Why? To help stimulate tourism again and that’s something we can absolutely get behind. And that’s just the beginning with more potential bargains on the post-corona horizon. 

We'll keep you posted on when the travel bans are lifted. 

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Image Credit: Alex Widmer

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