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8 Style Tips To Steal From The Italians

By Sophie Colvin
22nd Feb 2017

No one does it better than the Italians, so we’ve teamed up with Peroni in a three part series to meet some of the Italian personalities who are making waves in Australia, bringing the best of the best in their industry. With a total commitment to the finer points of Italian style and a passion for their cultural heritage, consider this your masterclass in the best of Italy.  

We’ve all seen Eat, Pray, Love and we’ve all scoffed at how Julia Roberts learnt fluent Italian in three days and didn’t gain a single gram even though there was more eating than dialogue. But more importantly we all saw how stunning everyone’s locks were in Naples. It’s no coincidence that Isabella’s hair was so much better than Lizzie’s in the Lizzie Maguire Movie, and don’t even get us started on Paolo. Basically, we’ve got a lot to learn from the Italians vis-a-vis hair, because those keratin kweens certainly know their way around a wide toothcomb and a hair dryer.

Here are a few tips ‘n’ tricks that’ll breathe new life into your capelli opachi.

For The Girls

Know Your Face Shape

Whether your face is that elusive heart shape (we’re looking at your Ruby Rose), or more of an oval (hullo Jessica Alba), for the perfect hairstyle you need to know (and accept!) what suits your mug best. A great stylist will go a long way in helping you with this one and can help you avoid a 2007 Britney sitch.

Your Stylist Is Everything

All hail the hair gods! Finding a top-notch stylist is #lifegoals and we promise, when you find ‘the one’ you’ll be wedded to them for life. Trust is key—you need to be confident that your stylist is on top of trends, is aware of what does and doesn’t suit your face—and look—isn’t afraid to dole out the ol’ truth bomb when you need it (like when you were crimping your bangs back in 2005).

Style Me Pretty With Product

Knowing your products and how to make the most of them will be the difference between limp and luscious hair. For example, no matter how exciting the labelling is on the Herbal Essence ‘Colour Me Happy’ shampoo bottle is, if you’re 25 and your mum still has never let you dye your hair, don’t use it.

Make Friends With Volume

Va va voom hair never goes out of style! Maybe we’ve been watching too many foreign films, but the Italians seem to be the queens of perfect hair with plenty of volume.

For The Guys

Decide On Style

Whether you’re a clean-cut kinda fella, or you’re all about the rugged stubble, it’s important to know your style, and own it (and maybe wash it occasionally?)

Kick Back

Find a barber or salon that makes you feel at home and puts your comfort first (i.e. gives you beers). That’ll be the difference between a tri-decade buzz cut and a neat quarterly trim.

Keep It Clean

This is crucial gents. It’s totally fine to rock the luscious beard or plenty of stubble, but make sure it’s neat and tidy—nothing creeping down the neck and high-fiving your chest hair! Take a look at old Italian style for inspo and you’ll find that even the thickest of beards have been immaculately maintained.


Do as the Italians do and grab a Peroni!

We're beyond thrilled to partner with Peroni to bring you the Persona Peroni video series—a three part video series introducing you to some of Australia's most talented, inspiring and stylish Italians. Each edition of the series is served to you by Peroni—our go-to beer when we’re after something deliciously crisp to sip. For more great content brought to you by Peroni, Look out for our monthly Peroni What’s Trending hit-list for everything hot in your city right now, and while you’re working your way through the list, relax with a long cold Peroni at the hotspots marked with a ribbon. Buon Appetitio!

Video credit: Andrew Englisch via The Phoenix Effect for The Urban List 

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