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Here’s Your First Look At Leo DiCaprio’s New Documentary

By Jessica Best
22nd Oct 2018


Let’s be real, anything with Leo DiCaprio *has* to be good so it’s no surprise the people are excited for this one.

The Oscar-award winning actor has turned to producing for this four-part doco series called Jonestown: Terror In The Jungle which is slated to explore in great depths how 'The People’s Temple' (a San Francisco-based Christian-inspired sect) formed and grew over a number of years during the 70s.

If you didn’t already know, the Jonestown Massacre was one of the biggest massacres in history pre-September 11, with over 900 people dying at the hands of the People’s Temple leader Jim Jones after he urged them to drink, what they didn’t know at the time was, cyanide poisoning.  It’s been donned a ‘revolutionary suicide’ and judging by the jam-packed terror-induced trailer (cue alarms, trippy audio and flashes of people screaming and running), you’ll be in for some serious group chat debates.

The Sundance Now production has pulled together a heap of interviews from Jones’ family, previous cult members, FBI recordings and classified documents in a narrative that will no doubt be a gripping and uneasy watch.

You’ll be able to watch this one on a new streaming service set to hit Australia called Sundance Now based on content from the US Sundance Film Festival. It’s one of two new streaming services in the pipeline and word on the street is that it could land as soon as December. Head here to stay tuned.

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Image credit: Unsplash

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