Cue All Your Teen Angst, London Label Lazy Oaf Has Created A Daria Collab

By Sammy Preston
31st Oct 2018

Lazy Oaf Daria Collab | The Urban List

The 90s-inspired collabs just keep on coming. But really, it was an era of loads of volume and colour and epic emblems of teen spirit, so who’s complaining? Not me. 

This time around, London label Lazy Oaf has paired up with one of the greatest alt teen idols of the 90s—actually, one of the greatest of all time—Daria Morgendorffer.

For everyone unacquainted with Daria’s signature round glasses, bangs, tartan skirt and Doc Martens, she’s a high school hero whose endless deadpan sarcasm, style and BFF Jane Lane made being quirky, intelligent, introverted and an outcast cool.

The iconic MTV show started as a sketch on the back of a paper plate and was a spin-off of Beavis and Butthead. It’s actually the longest-running animated series in the network's history.


And there is no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can’t be improved with pizza ��#LazyOafxDaria

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Lazy Oaf's Daria collection sticks to the cartoon's colour palette of purples and greens. There are tees with classic meme-style quotes ("Do you think if you breathe on me I might catch your enthusiasm?"), an "I hate everybody" cotton cardigan in grassy green, and a violet turtleneck featuring the logo of Daria's fave news program, Sick, Sad World

There's also "I hate everybody" cutoffs and a matching "Go to hell" jacket featuring a patch with the outline of Jane's seminal razor-sharp bob. Best part? Lazy Oaf is keeping it real with nothing over $200. We are overcome with emotion. Shop it all right now, here

Forget slogan tees, these shirts actually give back. 

Image credit: Lazy Oaf. 

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