Get Back Into Denim With Levi’s Dreamy New Earth-Friendly Cottonised Hemp Jeans

By Sammy Preston
7th Sep 2020

A couple wearing Levi's new Cottonised Hemp denim.

I know, I know—this has been the year we all fully embraced loungewear. Office outfits, be gone. Bodycon? That's a nope from me. Even jeans have felt a little too dressed up for life in 2020.

But if like me, comfort is your new fashion game—as well as lowering your impact on the world around you—you’ll want to pay attention to the latest drop from Levi’s.

Yes, the legendary denim label has struck a chord with the fashion vibe for right now, creating a new range of jeans that are at once easy-wear and—a major plus—way better for the planet.

Created using "Cottonised Hemp" instead of regular cotton, Levi’s new 90s-inspired wide-leg High Loose and Stay Loose jeans are a revelation for our times. The women's High Loose style has to be my favourite denim silhouette for right now, as comfy as sweats but with a little more structure and a nostalgic shape that feels like you could be strolling the streets of LA, circa 1994. For guys, the Stay Loose has the same West Coast in the golden era of skaters, hip-hop and shaggy hair sort of vibe—mellow, relaxed and cool. 

Stay Loose

As for that eco-friendly factor, if you’re not yet clued into Cottonised Hemp, this water-saving, energy-saving, low-chemical innovation has been specially designed for Levi’s.

Levi's chose hemp as it's less harsh on the environment compared to cotton, it needs less water to grow and leaves behind much cleaner, healthier soil. To create Cottonised Hemp, Levi’s partnered with fibre tech specialists to develop a “cottonisation” process—basically softening hemp fibres to make it look and feel just like cotton.

High Loose

And if black is more your style—Levi's High Loose Gotta Dip Jeans and Stay Loose XX Chino are made with sustainably farmed cotton. Like Cottonised Hemp, it’s made using less water and fewer chemicals. 

High Loose Gotta Dip Jeans

The ultimate result? These jeans still retain that effortless, unbeatable Levi’s cool—the essence of denim without the environmental impact.

Check it all out here

Image credit: Levi's 

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