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Limited Edition White Chocolate Cadbury Crème Eggs Are Happening

By Simone Jovel
4th Jan 2018

cadbury white chocolate creme egg

Yes, Easter.  Easter is coming (in 87 days) and our mates at Cadbury are upping their already delicious egg game.

They’ve gone and launched a white chocolate version of their famous crème egg, and to put it simply, we’re drooling just thinking about it.

But there’s a catch (a couple actually). There’s only 370 of these bad boys available in the UK (BRB booking flights) and they’re hidden inside regular wrappers (!!) across UK stores.

Word on the street is that these eggs are the same as the O.G—with that gooey fondant yolk centre that gets all stuck up in your cheeks, except (you guessed it) the shell is white chocolate.

So bellies at the ready for a search to make Willy Wonka proud, with cash money up for grabs if you score one for yourself. Let’s be real, any coin would be appreciated during these post-Christmas skint AF times.  

Now, the big question—how do we make this happen in Australia? 

Now that you're in an Easter state of mind, let's make Choccie Hot Cross Buns.

Image credit: Cadbury

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