Listen Up! 14 More Podcasts You Need To Know About

By Anna Franklyn
24th Feb 2016

We all know season 2 of Serial had nothing on season 1, but it has still left a hole in our hearts on the morning commute to work. Luckily everyone is crazy about podcasts these days and upon mentioning that I was doing a second round-up of the best podcasts (see version one here), the recommendations started flying in. I now have 10, 780, 921 weeks’ worth of listening to do, so let's make this snappy. Here are 14 more podcasts you should be listening to now.

#1 Happier With Gretchen Rubin

If you’re a sucker for self-development podcasts, this one’s for you. Self-development isn’t a real genre, but self-help gets such a bad wrap that I decided to rename it. Happier with Gretchen Rubin is all about making little changes to create habits, read: lazy persons guide to adulting successfully.

#2 The Minimalists

To all the hoarders out there (you know who you are!), go and download this now. The Minimalists will very kindly remind you that no, you don’t need to keep every single magazine you bought since you were 16, that shizz is all online now! Not just for material hoarders, these guys will also help you fight your smartphone addiction.

#3 Call Your Girlfriend

The podcast for long distance besties everywhere. Us Perth dwellers all have besties living overseas or over East (#traitors), so when you want to chat about literally anything and can’t get your bestie on the phone, Call Your Girlfriend is there for you. These are the girls who came up with Shine Theory—the ‘I don’t shine if you don’t shine’ theory—and are the kind of girls you need in your life.

#4 #Girlboss Radio

NastyGal CEO Sophia Amoruso, the ultimate #Girlboss, has a podcast where she interviews other Girlbosses. Could it get any better? Be warned, this is the rabbit hole of podcasts, hours will be wasted Googling each new Girlboss to confirm their awesomeness, that Girlboss will mention another Girlboss (because Shine Theory… see above guys) and you’ll have no chance of getting anything done ever again.

#5 Modern Love

Based on the well-known New York Times Column of the same name, reader-submitted essays are read by the super famous—think Dakota Fanning and Judd Apatow—followed by updates from the essay-writer. Being a devout anti-romantic, I was skeptical about this one but they won me over with the first episode and then I listened to five in a row, woops.

#6 Limetown

If you’re missing Sarah Koenig since the end of Serial, this one’s for you. A mix between Serial and the X Files, Limetown is scary and addictive…and you’ll probably knock all six episode off in a few hours, then wonder what to do with your life when it’s over.

#7 Being Boss

Technically this one is aimed at people who are their own boss. Technically I am not my own boss. But technically I still love this podcast. If you do anything remotely creative or believe in work-life balance (that’s all of you), you’ll love this one.

#8 Here’s The Thing With Alec Baldwin

That hair, that voice, that gaze… what’s not to love about Alec Baldwin? Combine all that goodness with interviews like “Amy Schumer Grew Up In A Nude House” and “Jimmy Fallon Will Never Make Fun Of You” and you get Here’s The Thing With Alec Baldwin.

#9 Radio Headspace

If you aren’t already doing Take 10 on the Headspace app then shame on you. Headspace is easily the best mindfulness app in the world (it’s possible this is not true), and the podcast will help you zen out without getting too hippy dippy on you.

#10 Invisibilia

Invisibilia is about the invisible forces that affect our lives—a mix of science and story telling which is disturbingly relatable. These girls reeled me in with season 1, and just when I came to terms with the fact it wasn’t coming back and decided to move on, they popped up in my news feed confirming Season 2. Now I’m just counting down the days.

#11 TED Radio Hour

You all know and love TED talks, but TED Radio Hour takes a central theme and finds all the best TED talks about that topic and wraps it up in a perfect little bundle for your listening pleasure. You can find an episode on just about anything so have a scroll and see what takes your fancy. If you need a starting point, go straight to the 7 Deadly Sins episode.

#12 Thinking Sideways

If you’re the kind of person who needs things tied up in a neat little bow, then this podcast might not be for you. With a description like ‘investigating things we simply don’t have answers to’ you can be sure your mind will be blown by these true crime encounters.

#13 Dear Sugar

No topic is off-limits here, the Sugars will happily tackle all those questions you thought you couldn’t ask. Think mum’s who hate motherhood, infidelity and coming out to your parents. This one will invoke binge listening so clear your diary before you dig in.

#14 No Filter With Mia Freedman

Another ‘no topic is off limits’ podcast, but this time with Mia Freedman interviewing all sorts of fun peeps from Nigella Lawson to Rosie Waterland (don’t pretend you don’t know who she is #rosierecaps). Because who doesn’t love listening to Kochie talk to Mia Freedman about sexism.

After 28 podcast recommendations you still want more?! Fine fine fine, check out these 7 Netflix Docos You Need To See Now.

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