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BREAKING: A Reboot Of Little Women Is Happening With Our Girl, Meryl Streep!

By Jessica Pridmore
5th Jul 2018


There are certain movie reboots that should remain well and truly in the past. Half the time a remake never, ever, ends up being as good as the original, so it’s best left the heck alone (directors, take note). Well, most of the time, anyway…

In news straight out of the Hollywood hills, it has been confirmed that everyone’s favourite group of ladies is getting the star-studded 2018 re-boot it deserves: Little Women 2:0!

And, by star-studded we mean slathered in stars. Stars for days. Meryl Streep, Emma Stone, Saoirse Ronan AND Timothee Chalamet are in the mix. And, to top it all off, Academy Award nominee Greta Gerwig (Frances Ha, and director of lady Bird, nbd) will be directing this award-winning lot. Say whaa?

Louisa May Alcott’s 1994 version may hold a very real place in our hearts (Winona forever, guys), but when our gal Meryl does anything, we stfu and pay attention. Also, won’t Chalamet play the best Laurie?!

No idea at this stage on release dates or filming schedule, but holy shit, are we excited! We hear Oscar buzz already….

In more movie news, IT 2 is coming the scare us all to death.

Image credit: Little Women

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