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Stay Tuned, Louis Theroux’s Polyamory Doco Is Set To Premiere In Australia

By Holly Kingston
24th Oct 2018

This is not a drill, our fave British documentary maker is at it again and this time, you can hit up Louis Theroux’s latest bizarre creation on a big screen near you.

He’s the ultra-inquisitive dude who has delved deep into the world of Scientology, paedophiles, pornstars and crystal meth addicts. Now, he’s taking us on a bizarre journey into the lives of people in polyamorous relationships in Portland, Oregon.

Yep, while we’re over here just trying to get a date, the subjects of Theroux's latest masterpiece Love Without Limits have all made the bold decision to open up their relationships in various ways. As always, Theroux isn’t holding back in this baby. Cue a  ‘sensual eating workshop’ featured in the trailer. Let’s just say we don’t think we’ll ever look at whipped cream in quite the same way.

The engrossing doco will be hitting a bunch of Aussie cinemas such as Dendy, Hoyts and Palace next month on November 30. For the full list of participating cinemas, head on over here.

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Image credit: Sharmill Films

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