Maccas Is Running An eBay Auction For Bottles Of Big Mac Sauce

By James Shackell
30th May 2018


You might talk a big ‘gourmet burger’ game, guys. But we know in your heart of hearts you’d sell your Grandma for one more bite of a Big Mac. Doesn’t matter how much chipotle aioli and caramelised onion is out there—come 1am you’ll be standing beneath those buzzing florescent lights like some crazed evangelist.

Well it’s a good thing Maccas just unleashed their annual Big Mac Sauce auction—now you can recreate that authentic ‘secret sauce’ in the comfort of your own home (and stop leaving mayonnaise out in the sun).

To say this is ‘exclusive’ is an understatement. There are only three 500mL bottles of the Big Mac Sauce up for grabs. And this year, they come with something even better—your very own Big Mac Mini Fridge. A tiny 5L refrigerator that looks like a burger.

God knows what you’ll actually store in there. One lucky can of Coke? The cure for the zombie virus?

You can start bidding over here. So far one legend has put down $100, but we’d be surprised if there aren’t several hundred ‘lurkers’ out there. Will it reach eight figures? Who knows.

All the funds raised from the auction will go to Ronald McDonald House Charities. You’ve got until 10am Wednesday 6 June to get your bids in.

The Details

When: The auction’s on right now. Expires 10am, Wednesday 6 June
Where: eBay, where else?

Maccas is pushing all our buttons right now. Did you hear they released a Grand Big Mac

Image credit: McDonald's 

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