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Make Your Own Malaysian | How To Cook The Best Roti Ever! (+ Win A Trip To Malaysia)

By Jessica Pridmore
4th Oct 2016


Okay, so there are breads, and there are breads. We're not talking about basic breads that you use for slathering things onto i.e. sandwiches and toast, but breads that you use as a vehicle for shoving delicious dips and sauces into your mouth, such as incredible curry!

We’re of course referencing the mighty roti; all buttery, a little flaky, and fried to perfection.

If you’ve ever marvelled at this bread to beat all breads, and wondered just how this carbo-liciousness came into being, you are in for a real treat.

Serving up the hottest food trends from S.E Asia, we’ve teamed up with the crew at PappaRich to share their top secret recipes (and a few tricks of the trade!) to bring you your very own step-by-step PappaRich cooking class, coming at you from your sofa.

So let’s roll up those sleeves and get right to it; here’s how to make easy peasy, sensational roti.

How To Make The Best Roti Ever

What you’ll need:

Serves 4-6

Roti Ingredients 

1 kg Flour
1 Tablespoon of Salt
1 Tablespoon Sugar
200 ml Milk
250 ml Water
Margarine, Enough To Coat

Serve with

Curry Sauce

Let’s Make Roti!

  1. Place flour, sugar salt, milk, water and a drop of oil in a bowl. Mix together until it forms a dough-like consistency.
  2. Time to get your hands dirty! Knead the dough with your hands, then leave to rest in a cool place for around four hours.
  3. Lightly flour a flat surface, then roll out your dough to approx. 5cm in thickness.
  4. Cut into seven equal-sized pieces (approximately 7 will work well), then roll into balls.
  5. Lightly oil your dough balls with a pastry brush, then oil a flat surface (using vegetable oil) ready for rolling out your roti bread.
  6. Take your dough ball and gently kneed it out to roughly twice the size of a dinner plate. Be careful not to tear your dough!
  7. Then brush the top side of your dough with more vegetable oil.
  8. You want to then fold the thin dough in on itself, folding to the middle, then roll in on itself so that it looks like a dough scroll!
  9. Your roti balls are now ready for cooking. Sear both sides in a hot, oiled pan for 2-3 minutes on each side.
  10. Now for the best bit: Plating up. Serve with your favourite curry sauce, and dig in!

But, let's be real, if you don't have time just head to Papparich and let their chefs do all the work for you.

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